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RT @SallyMi83941850: @YvetteCooperMP What can be done about this? It’s our money. MY money, used to corrupt purposes. When does this end…
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RT @AlyciaTyre: Mind ya business & get ya money
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RT @FraudAsiann: dudes be like “money over bitches” and have neither
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I was at a dive bar tonight and won enough money playing pool to pay my bar tab. this is what my father trained me for my entire life.
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if hanse release his solo i know my money will be in good hands
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@LibertarianMama My son wants to be a politician. He asked me if he could make money in that profession. I told him…
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RT @PushpendraRoyal: #WhoCreatedTheUniverse #SecretsOfNature 🙏 Bad for health and waste of money, don't use alcohol. @SaintRampalJiM Li…
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@BigMan855 Deadass with this scholarship/grant money I would too. Just buy it and sell the prebuilt with a GTX 1660ti
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RT @SeunMobolaji: Pulisic's off ball movement is cash money
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이 씨니발 진짜 뭐하냐 진짜 아 존나 아씨발 아...저 씨벌...
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RT @Roast78606: #Ramadan I humbly appeal to everyone Muslims, please give Zakat and charity to as many needy people as you can…
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training fags and draining them is my passion Drain sessions on skype or chat here! • findom paypig wallet drain rt…
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RT @kundu_koushani: Tai said in her interview that she didn't have money to pay EMI of her flat. How could a girl who didn't even have…
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RT @Lexy_Ybarra: Idc how much money you have, don’t ever treat people like they’re nothing
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RT @edemss_: Having your own money and being able to afford anything you want>>>>>>>>>
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RT @DEVlLSDOMS: you guys act as if they’re gonna lose so much money over one card as if they don’t push out events constantly 🤨
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@Lorenzo_Del_T @CIA I suggest you do some reading. Zbigniew Brzezinski admitted to Le Nouvel Observateur in '98 tha…
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RT @UnSubtleDesi: Asked BARC to pay if they wanted to avoid torture: Sachin Vaze, money laundering and the Rs 30 lakh bribe in TRP ca…
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RT @Yemihazan: About 80% of my friends now hustle & save money to leave the country, the childhood dream was to be comfortable & l…
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RT @Surekidbrando: I hate spending my own money
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