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NEWTON in a romantic mood ;) Universal law of love : Love can neither be created nor be destroyed . It can only tra…
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RT @_ZuBot: surprise money would really bang.
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RT @DDNewslive: SC to resume hearing the bail plea of former ICICI Bank CEO #ChandaKochhar, who is facing charges for alleged money…
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RT @ODDcza: Do whatever you can to make sure the below does not repeat itself and return my money and don't pull that update th…
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@LewisCapaldi Email received at 9.02, preorder of CD and T-shirt made by 9.06. Just take my damn money!!
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RT @ImohUmoren: Bro, I really hate when people mock others for asking for their monies back. Even if it's 50 naira it's their money…
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All that money spent, now what leftovers do I want 🤔
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RT @Neo_url: I think br*ke boy tears annoy me because even I am waiting until graduation to get a girlfriend as one needs money…
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@TimesNow @KanganaTeam 82 lakh is totally wasted, now they will spend another 3 to 4 crorer of public money for not paying 2 corer rupees.
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Why you should give money directly and unconditionally to homeless people
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RT @AndySlo30293431: A French CHABAD rabbi, reports how ex-President Nicholas Sarkozy "invested heavily in synagogues & Chabad houses wi…
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God give me money! See fabric that @e_kachii is posting. If I wear those ones now, Buhari might call me for appointment. 🥺
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RT @timetokaikai: “But KAI's first solo, the full-length music video is of such high quality that it really doesn't take into account…
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@iamsksunilkumar @BCCI @IndianCricNews Hey bro.. This is not our Team India. As u r not aware we don't have any cri…
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@Iamkarizmatic There's much more for the country to lose if they don't vaccinate. Including money for corruption.
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@KingsUpdatesHL They really think we have money
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I like free shit, but I know when I’m supposed to be paid. Keep your items I want money
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RT @singhvarun: I hope the money that has to be paid to @KanganaTeam isn’t the taxpayers money. It should be from those whose erred.
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