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RT @AariTrendPage_: Every fan moment❤️❣️ will be like words to express our love for aari Anna ..His words literally speaks ev…
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RT @DrBilalPhilips: Stop for a moment, reflect, and take this year’s Ramadan seriously for the sake of our own salvation.
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@haroldthebarrel Hi Steve, I will pop you a private message now. One moment.
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RT @MichaelRosenYes: Please spend a moment reading this. It doesn't tally with the stories we've been told before. It will take you just…
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RT @LaRepublicaCat: Ara que fuig de Twitter per esquivar les crítiques a la mala gestió és un bon moment per recordar què afirmava aban…
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Proud moment ❤️🙌🏻 #teamofthemonth #teamcas #teamnuh
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RT @godsnmonstrsbot: “Styles,” he offers after a moment’s pause, quiet and a bit hesitant. “My name’s Harry Styles.”
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RT @DVSLalter: @shiroganenoel, on behalf of all of your kaigai niki: CONGRATULATIONS FOR 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! We have prepared t…
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RT @Young_Huchun: Oho. The most active off stage moment I have seen from lelush. Why do I feel so happy? 😭👍
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RT @KlMSEONHOE: taking a moment to remember last year’s best actor and actress nominees... how powerful
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RT @v_milov: "Putin has declared himself a full-scale enemy", Milov said, and should at last be treated as such. “The West reall…
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RT @OfficialGMAHOA: Stream ON ME like it’s nobody’s business to remind everyone that give Sehun his moment and he will show that he is…
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RT @jsuisjeann: Voir une photo et souhaiter pouvoir revivre le moment encore et encore.
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RT @thatnurserylife: Eid Mubarak to all our Early Years practitioners! We hope you seize the moment today and be happy. May this Eid bri…
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RT @PGATOUR: An all-time Masters moment. Jack Nicklaus' grandson, Gary, makes an ace during the Par 3 Contest. 🎯
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RT @SamJDean: There have been 16 goals in West Ham's last three games. They're the most entertaining team in the league at the mo…
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RT @pinson83246689: I fall in love with you not because of how good you are, but because I am destined to fall in love with you and you…
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@MikeHolden42 @devchem123 they are coming in thick and fast at the moment - it's quite impressive when you think about it.
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Politically critical moment.
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