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Mom I’m scared
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NBC Thanksgiving Parade: “Here’s the polices brigade!” My mom: “policeing the gays? That’s awful!”
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RT @OnHerTurf: Throwing it back to one of our favorite dog show moments of all time — the littlest breed with the littlest handle…
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@nbc @Verizon Loving every minute of it. Recording on my DVR. In between cooking my @Macys Parade. I can almost pre…
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Pick me up, mom, I'm scared.
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my mom said: “it just screams community theatre”
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@nbc @Verizon I can't watch it at my mother's house because #Sunrun will not send a repair person out to fix the so…
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@ThatOneCubsFan So now when my mom sees George Floyd KNEE PAD memes on Facebook, they get taken down. Just like hal…
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#thankyou @macys @nbc for putting on #themacysthanksgivingdayparade So happy!!!
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RT @harleyb11: I told my mom @nbc bednot cut away from Miss Patti LaBelle lest they be dragged to hell and left there and Lawd ham…
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I told my mom @nbc bednot cut away from Miss Patti LaBelle lest they be dragged to hell and left there and Lawd ham…
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my thanksgiving plans every year include watching the dog show on nbc with my mom
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@KatieAlbitz @NerdyTeacherDad Agree. We don't have cable but my mom sent me her login so we could access the regula…
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@stephgwhiteside Signed into my mom’s cable account so I could stream from the NBC app. That Verizon Live stream was crap
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My mom was one of a thousand premier league fans in the country to get a thanksgiving surprise from NBC. Pretty coo…
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#MacysDayParade @NBC how yall just cut off legend Patti Labelle like that? Disrespectful smh my mom is pissed #MacysThanksgivingDayParade
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My mom believes that NBC had the Indigenous people at the parade to "finish them off"
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Managed to snag the NBC live broadcast of the Macy’s Parade on Hulu (thank you, free trial). I know, capitalism, bu…
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So, mom is recording the Macy's day parade for me and turned on SAP, but... no AD, apparently Al Roker even mention…
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one thanksgiving my mom asked me to dvr the macy's parade & i accidentally recorded the cbs one instead of the offi…
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