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RT @radar_online: Ex #TeenMom2 star Jenelle Evans has separated from David Eason.
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RT @JannatHabibti: can’t be desi without having a fear that you might smell like your mom’s cooking every time you go out
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RT @chuusmiles: IM WHEEZING SOMEONE IN THE COMMENTS SAID “Mom can we please have Fancy?!” “We have Fancy at home” Fancy at home:
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RT @BennGeez: can’t vibe with my mom around
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RT @Iennys: When u slam your door after being sent to your room and u hear your mom coming down the hall
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Mom: Sí, porque siempre estás en ese maldito teléfono
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RT @badgirlkiki_: imagine how frustrated the cashiers at scholastic book fairs are. those kids don’t understand tax. their mom gave t…
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RT @jokekridsana_id: Honestly, I wasn't expecting P'@ice_adisorn25 and P'@joloke_ to "fight-tweet" tonight 😂 I was expecting flirt tweet…
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@koominsbear This was me until one day apparently my mom took one of the kittens from outside when she said we coul…
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*I got my first tattoo* Mom :
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3/ Her in the morning: daddy daddy you did it!! We did the bandaid trick time and again and life was good. Then on…
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continuing my Satan Claus marathon and I’m already excited for Christmas Evil because we get the obligatory 80’s “w…
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RT @blackr0se_x: “I don’t support your bodily autonomy, your equality, or your beliefs, but I’d smash” -Chad
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RT @TheOnion: Mom Holds Knife To Throat Of Dinner Guest Who Offered To Help With Dishes
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RT @ddulcenegretee: My mom told me today “en esta vida no hay amiga/os no confíes tanto en la gente porque nunca sabes que te puedan hacer” and i felt that
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@whytastee This billboard is really stupid but a lot more money has been raised for cancer research in honor of tay…
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RT @KaiDavisPoet: Yesterday I told my mom I’d been depressed so she said “I’m coming to get you.” She picked me up, took me to get my…
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@SamanthaLedyard Sad for the mom and kids - but isn’t that theft?
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RT @humansofny: “My mom threw me out of the house at seventeen for getting pregnant, then had me arrested when I tried to get my cl…
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