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RT @pritoo577: As you add a new year to your life, behind you are your past, setbacks, mistakes; happy birthday for a new life of…
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@shugar_007 I thought it would be a goal, too many mistakes from arsenal.
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Sometimes on this journey I get lost in my mistakes
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Today is a new day to not make yesterday's mistakes 🥴
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@HILITINGHOCKEY I think honestly there needs to be more strength in the PMO. It seems that those offices are not do…
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@luvgiana @jasmsandoval @BramtyJuliette can you just shut the fuck up pls , everyone make mistakes😒
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I genuinely think that aurier is one of the worst footballers I’ve seen. So many mistakes
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RT @islamicstrength: Focus on doing good, not your mistakes. Listen to Allah, not the opinions of others.
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I got 6880 points in a fun game where you need to find design mistakes Try this out guys!…
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RT @bellatangoxoxo: did we not learn anything from regretting what we did to naya and the way we harassed her and now people feel guilt…
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@IMHO1969 @UapostropheR @Jim_Jordan Nope. Some minor mistakes. But the DOJ said nothing nefarious!
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RT @Comme_Tayy: @Tawan_V wore Converse 06/27/20 winmetawin ins story 👟 Converse Chuck 70 162062C 04/01/20 tawan_v ins 👟 Converse Cl…
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RT @pstan247: Spurs sitting back like cowards, waiting to capitalize on our mistakes. #TOTARS
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RT @AbdurRahman_IPS: Dr Kafeel's only crime is he pointed out mistakes of Yogi Adityanath & criticized him personally. NSA is basically…
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RT @magicmaze97: This is why you can't say things like solo stans are also fans or they're not problematic, I've been in this fandom…
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I mightn't have gotten my education, made some mistakes, labeled as a felon 4life ( for the judging; exnon-violent…
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RT @myouisvibe: despite the fact that nayeon noticed there was a lot of spelling mistakes in the letter, momo kept on reading it…
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RT @timothysykes: I have NO other accounts or backup/burner accounts & why I love being real in an industry full of fuck ups & fakes.…
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@FelixirofLife28 I think you've uhm... Maybe mistakes the character for the concept lol
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Like, look at this. That's Mereel talking. The first " is missing and the second " is on the bottom even thought it…
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