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RT @ShahidForChange: While Bernie’s campaign was unsuccessful, he won a prize bigger than the White House: the hearts & minds of an enti…
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Emancipate yourself from mental slavery None but our self can free our minds
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RT @charlizzleswamp: Liberalism Demands That Victims Vote For More Rape Culture | ⁦@DaShaunLH⁩ wrote this insightful piece that many of…
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RT @thecheckdown: Cat juked the dog so hard even Romo and Nantz lost their minds 😂🔊 (via nfl/TikTok)
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RT @JohnKStahlUSA: Is that some special hand signal to the winner of DoucheBag of the Day, Johnathon Karl from ABC FNews? Inquiring mi…
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RT @TonyTodd54: New @CandymanMovie will blow everyones horrific minds. Think we're #Fuckingaround #urbanmythology @horrornoirefilm
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@scottienhughes what are your thoughts on @cvpayne ‘s comments about WHO and China? Enquiring minds want to know!…
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You are so right @DanRather Trump plants seeds of doubt in peoples minds with no facts to back it up. Colorado, Haw…
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@littlest_minds 넘 감격스러워서 사진 찍어놧어요 ㅠㅠ 꺅
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RT @leolliao: @NorthmanTrader All clever minds of the world are thinking: If Fed just literally allocates everyone a stock and…
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RT @USAmbKenya: Kenyans have Grit-toughness & ability to overcome.This + creative minds & innovation will carry the country through…
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RT @darvishzadeh201: He will come and the beliefs and minds of the people will blossom like spring blossoms ... He will come and we will…
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RT @DharRenuka: Looks like #COVID is the last thing on their minds! 🙄
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RT @kpophappenings_: when that kpop boy posted a car selfie on weverse after many days of not posting anything making the whole fandom lose their minds
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These 4 broke the barriers for woman's wrestling they brought us type of wrestling that would blow our minds and ha…
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E vamos de Criminal Minds.
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@Steve54712762 @Beany_1 Couldn't be bothered - it seems like a bad habit - great to connect with like minds, discus…
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RT @aan__: Quarantine days. Clean hands, dirty minds.
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@_baaghi__ Hysteria is an obsolete term in psychology but it was a term used to describe the condition of patients…
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Sealed #Pokemon Booster Pack Lot *Light* Legend Maker Unified Minds Shining Legnd #eBay ⏰ Ends in 5h 💲 Last Price C…
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