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@desmith1426 @jaysbookman She will poison thousands of minds berween now and then. It cant be tolerated
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RT @StarkerSusan: @littledeekay @IvankaTrump + cut law enforcement resources fighting white supremacists +trade war destroyed markets…
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RT @1_natematthews: you are essentially saying people who get masters degrees and mold young minds don’t deserve higher than 33k a year…
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RT @AxelVei: @Valazotheon Great minds think alike!
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827 followers     “twelve,” harry whispers. “happy new year, harold,” louis says back, and leans down and kisses him.     Reply Retweet Favorite
@andersonDrLJA I do not see the future unless I read minds but Trump has an ace up his sleeve very soon 012021
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Joe Biden is simultaneously a weak and ineffective leader who will let everyone walk all over him and also a god ki…
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We are our Brothers and Sisters Keepers. Everyday we have the priviledged opportunity too touch people’s Minds Hear…
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RT @thevuememphis: “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” Colossians 3:2 CSB
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The Republicans have completely lost their minds.. Nothing but a domestic terrorist supporting organization that hates democracy
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@ohcatrina I want to be able to read minds, but only the minds of people who post huge insane attacks on "lesser" m…
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RT @KAVIYHWH: When things get hard for us we should immediately reflect on ourselves and examine our deeds to ensure that we aren…
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@pikaboowow ggs man, you guys still played out of your minds with a hard counter that last game, keep moving forward (ret healing STUPID)
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“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” Colossians 3:2 CSB
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She doesn’t “act innocent.” She just minds her business and doesn’t exploit it on social media like most women her…
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RT @MKthe2nd: A partner who is gentle with imperfections and can tolerate us as we are. A partner we can be open about our anxi…
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RT @Racheal_Vichey: Education is the key to everything. We must continue to work so that education can be used to open the minds of our…
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@344_ad Come to minds We ARE the gay retards
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@trxshgxy exactly our minds
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RT @msmariavicente: This is an outrageously bad take (see below image). If you “cut your teeth on fanfiction,” I WANT to read your orig…
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