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RT @cvpayne: There is a long line to get into Louis Vuitton...this is mind-boggling and could only happen in roaring economy. D…
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@PhilRog24026397 That crossed my mind as well
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RT @suck_mytweeets: Bad mind ppl will forever be unhappy. Stop watch out people & focus on yourself!!
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RT @girlthatscass: i'll not text people first just to see if i cross they mind like they cross mine . i shouldn't have to text you first everyday .
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RT @cvpayne: There is a long line to get into Louis Vuitton...this is mind-boggling and could only happen in roaring economy. D…
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Just released! Let Daphne show you inside the erotic mind of a sensual #hotwife. "Hotwife Confessions: Daphne" ou…
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RT @ChinChillaaaa_: Listen, whatever works for them. Mind y’all business.
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You need to hear this Terminate every thought, imagination that is not confirming to what you've pictured for you…
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@guguseuls just been on my mind as I watched hq recently
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RT @LivPsy: Your mind spends about 70% of its time replaying memories and creating scenarios.
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RT @CalmDeion: Surround yourself with people who stimulate your mind and soul.
458 followers     Reply Retweet Favorite Can live change destiny? Can love change a evil heart ? Can love make bruises heal and fina…
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RT @SamuraiAmes: Don’t mind me, I’m just spamming some sketches of my babbs I did for their last Q + A 💕💖#ericxjacob #ocs #sketch
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RT @BaldingsWorld: So after the Xinjiang report, who wants to tell me the Hong Kong protesters are just a bunch of hopped up kids who…
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RT @_laurencompton: a reminder!! bringing other people down will never make you better. stop hating other people and start trying to to…
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RT @Gamamabear98: #StillWithKap I am so impressed not only with Kap’s relentless activism, but that he has NEVER stopped training sin…
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RT @tomiahonen: My sincere hope is that Trump remains healthy and of able mind, to face his impeachment, his trial and removal from…
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RT @SirrHarris: Trying to sleep. My mind at 3am
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but wow should I be grateful they mess with my mind bc know I like them? confusing really
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@RichardNorthey @jeremycorbyn Never mind Greenwich, he seems to be an expert in the advantages of public sector Vs…
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