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RT @innocence: "The forensic evidence shows [#RodneyReed] could not have been with her at the time of death. She was already decom…
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RT @temunade: michael offers you a dunky donut
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RT @IngeStark3: @hazydav @thedailybeast Trump and Barr are on a witchhunt against Michael Avenatti. They want to lock him up for…
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@sogothirteen I got Michael, then Eleanor on retaking
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I havent bought a jersey in years. But fuck it. I'm buying a garret jersey tomorrow.
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@michael_dvorin @YairNetanyahu למה למשל אף פעם לא חשפת את דף המסרים לשכת נתניהו מוציאה ברמה יומית לאנשיה (חלקם עיתונאים)?
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RT @heresysquad: Back in 2017, a 2007 email from Richard Spencer surfaced that proved Stephen Miller and Richard Spencer had worked…
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RT @HighIightReeIs: Lamar Jackson vs. Michael Vick
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RT @Dakid1994: I’ve never seen such beautifully executed slap to the face like this, HAPPY 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY NYC 🤣🤣🤣
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RT @CBSEveningNews: 28 schools in Virginia were closed Thursday as authorities search for a Marine deserter accused of killing his step…
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RT @LeBronGreatest_: Note: this is coming from the guy who played with Michael Jordan 🤷🏽‍♂️
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RT @LeBronGreatest_: Note: this is coming from the guy who played with Michael Jordan 🤷🏽‍♂️
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@michael_ocampo -Listen to some calming music & name the things out loud that is surrounding you. ✨✨✨ I hope this helps!
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RT @Dee4Three84: Scott Van Pelt just said that he believes that James Harden has more moves in his bag than Michael Jordan did. You…
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RT @ofutebolnews: "Tentaram me matar seis vezes. Eu era muito brigão no terrão. Também era por tráfico. Acabei vendendo droga, acabei…
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Torsdag den 21 november kl 1730 kommer - Kristina Tilvemo & Michael Wainwright - till Roslagens bokhandel vid Lill…
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Michael Jordan also gave Steve Kerr a 2 piece jab and hook at practice for not playing defense
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@TwoBitWhackJob He was. Artist formerly known as Dean Ambrose.
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