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@_NeverGivingUpp @itsfoluwaso @cyberomin Mary might have been harrassed on WhatsApp by some hoodlums in the past. T…
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@wwwbigbaldhead Just so you know somebody is messaging me acting like you. Asking me to do some weird things for them.
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RT @ebelee_: 1. Any company coming to chat to you via WhatsApp for interview or whatever is not serious 2. If you’re messaging…
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@MobilePunch Prof, u don’t believe in Fed.Govt terrorists rehabilitation program just say so, don’t be tangling ur…
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@king_emmss @Kaycee_Bishop @feobaby1 @cyberomin Professionalism requires that you state who you are and why you are…
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It be people you don’t want messaging you everyday 🙄
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I turned off my messages bc Im tired of ppl messaging me
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@Jibsman1 @Interimhandler Whether I would or wouldn't isn't the discussion here. You're a stranger, messaging som…
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Why Signal Is My Favorite Secure Messaging App #technology #feedly
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@Thera_depths @Mochievous My dear friend, know this and know peace. Your social media platform whether it's messa…
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@mark_toshner Hi Mark, I just wanted to say thanks for all your clear messaging about the vaccines, which helps mak…
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It’s proper etiquette to introduce yourself when messaging someone new. Her response was a little off but he shoul…
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Ihr wollt prüfen, ob Eure #XRechnungen fehlerfrei sind. Bei unserem Partner @ecosioHQ könnt Ihr das ganz einfach tu…
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I guess that’s my question answered on how much of Amazon is SME in the context of people saying “buy from small bu…
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RT @lacothren: @IvankaTrump We are now dealing with the fallout from ignorant super-spreader events that were escalated this fall…
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This is Literally what came to my brain messaging zelle 🗣🔥
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@igor_sarcevic Like a low-level messaging system with double queue structures? Let's see.
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RT @SONET_LSBU: World AIDS Day: @LSBU's sexual orientation & gender identity network, is hosting an online conversation with…
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Euro zone bond yields edge down after dovish ECB messaging | Malay Mail
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