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@adorechwrry chamar alguém de doente mental usando isso como uma ofensa é muito feio e capacitista!! pode me ofende…
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RT @LuisGOsejo: Estamos por llegar a 100 mil muertos por COVID19, récord de asesinados en el país, la pero crisis económica en la h…
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RT @anascods: poniendo todo mi empeño en mantener en su sitio mi salud mental este año la verdad
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Politicians earn millions of naira monthly yet not satisfied that they still have to embezzle but they think 20,000…
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RT @nowthisnews: Jake Tapper took Lara Trump to task for mocking Joe Biden’s stutter and hypocritically judging his mental capacity…
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Creio que o Inter, no Beira-Rio, é o time mais difícil que o Flamengo pode enfrentar no campeonato. Até agora, temo…
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I need to meet people I have no mutuals with. My mental space is so stressed RN!
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RT @BrianJDennis: When your male friends try to hook you up, it's always almost perfect But when your lady friends try to hook you u…
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RT @Bruns4Mn: Truth. Phone banking is becoming something my mental health relies on.
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also cant that police man just STOP talking to a ghost in public like pls you wanna look mental so badly
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RT @MichaelAMurdoc1: @TMZ He should be open to a mental health evaluation and treatment regime.
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@DoormatSatanic this is my mental breakdown anthem
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these last 2 days got me in a weird mental space where i want to physically hvrt someone. not even nov 18 tested my patience like this.
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RT @fanymelokk: minha família tá sugando o pouquinho de sanidade mental que eu ainda tenho
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I'm talking a short break from writing to focus on my mental/physical health. It's been good to take eyes off my pr…
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RT @sbaroncohen: "Only 2 of the 40 new hospitals Johnson recently announced will be mental health facilities. This is proof of “str…
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And I’m not confirming what I felt few minutes ago it wasn’t a demon y’all need to stop puttin demons on me going t…
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RT @VisionTony: Major study correction: medicines and drugs do not improve trans mental health. Why didn’t peer reviewers spot this…
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RT @zainab13_a: On Saturday Turkish President Erdogan said Macron needs “mental checks” over The way he treats Muslims…
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@AidanJConnor Men’s concerns, especially in family court, and from the perspective of mental health and social supp…
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