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RT @saaayraaaa: Some of you females don’t deserve men like this
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@eifers1 @Zimmlaw175 I remember when Colin Kaepernick started kneeling, ppl were organizing a protest outside the…
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@men_write_women The author is what could be called "a sick fuck".
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RT @PWiklund: Jag älskade detta tifo och dess budskap. Men jag kanske inte riktigt trodde på det. Nu är vi där och på god väg vid…
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RT @pjnguin: 2010: Halo Reach with the boys 2020: Halo Reach with the men
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@pxssydlt J’men doute.
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RT @sohier654: hello men and women use these codes :🏁🏁 Coupon splash : SPSO7 Coupon centre point : CPC31 NNM نون to buy all b…
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RT @lordtaylorvb: these kids are the only reason you hoes been fw black men but we’ll discuss that another time
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RT @Cocoloso17: You guysss, please I sell really affordable thrift shirts for men. Lemme be your plug this festive season and beyon…
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RT @scotty_13_: a movie about a woman taking revenge on predatory straight men set to a violin instrumental of ‘toxic’???? saddle u…
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@iFatebringer A-fucking-men
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RT @augieray: Reject refugees; they can't be trusted. Blame the poor; it's their fault. Help the rich, for they create jobs. Thou…
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RT @darrengrimes_: They had their chance to protest on Thursday, at the ballot box. Now that the country has disagreed with them they…
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RT @_mcdrew: i’m tired of old creepy men “🧂 daddies” coming to my dms acting like they’re about it but ghost when the paypal lin…
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RT @AntiFandomTakes: Fetishizing gay men is when people ship Dan and Phil together and shoved it in their faces, not someone who really likes drawing twinks.
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RT @karinaaloppez: This man wants to drive 6 hours just to take me on a date this Sunday, meanwhile I’m worrying about someone who liv…
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RT @IdahoBones: *15 minutes later in ep, enter Kramer* K: THATS IT! J: What now? K: I'm done with the redpill! Its a lie! A cope…
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I hadn't seen the scores for the men for the gpf and... wow, I truly hate this sport so very much right now lol
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RT @scotty_13_: a movie about a woman taking revenge on predatory straight men set to a violin instrumental of ‘toxic’???? saddle u…
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It’s scary the way grown as men ride young boy dick😂😂😂
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