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RT @FS_Yusuf_: "You Should Not Honour Men More Than Truth." – Plato This is my guiding principle. This is why I tweet the way I tweet.
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RT @woowolfwp: All men do is lie 😚♡ @treasuremembers
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RT @zuza_real: "men be like-" "women be like-" just shut up and tell us that specific thing that your ex did
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RT @sports_odisha: With history being created at #Tokyo2020 by @TheHockeyIndia's men and women teams, Odisha under the leadership of H…
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RT @AuschwitzMuseum: "Residents of insurrectionary Warsaw at KL Auschwitz" is an exhibit about the fate of 13 thousand Warsaw inhabitant…
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I’ve never seen anyone that was really elite at anything have it all. When I look at great men, baseline health is…
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RT @peepoye_: Calling out feminists to support the cab driver in #Lucknow Assault case! He may not be famous but while men suppor…
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RT @blastmill: #ArrestLucknowGirl 😡 Men are human beings. Make laws gender neutral.
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RT @bomskottet: Mina odlingskunskaper är begränsade men vi kan kanske hjälpas åt att lista vad som kan vara kommersiellt gångbart,…
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RT @shafqatwatali: @JKNC_ Awami Rabta programme resumed in Langate Constituency.Images from todays programme in Dogripora Rajwar.50/60…
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We are looking for men who have sex with men to take our latest 10min survey on if and how their sex life is changi…
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men are stupid
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wooo !!! im probably going to break the fast when these men go home in a few hours bc i dont want to go out of my r…
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RT @popcornmuncherr: Men will finish in 5 secs and be like 'did u cum?' Mf am I an otp
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RT @nytimes: “He’s one of my best friends. We’re always together.” In the men’s high jump, Gianmarco Tamberi of Italy and Mutaz…
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RT @scottygb: Italy are Eurovision winners, Euro 2020 winners and Men’s 100m Final winners. What a year. 🇮🇹
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RT @manojmuntashir: जब Indian Men's Hockey Team की जीत पर रो पड़े Commentators, छलक गए खुशी के आंसू. #TokyoOlympics2020 #Tokyo2020
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RT @BafakanIbel: Black men are so fine! Why should I have only one? I want all ☺
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RT @hildecs: @Ho_derre @EnnySolli Helt håpløst. Jeg står støtter kravene til transpersoner om å få leve sine liv slik de ønsker…
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