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The comments lookin REAL dense😭 meat eaters really be gatekeeping bbq and expect vegans to eat grass like it’s mind…
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RT @sharon_kiwanuka: We are trying out new icecream as we meat this Saturday 🤝 #HouseOfRollsAtMeatGuy
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@Speros_OG I’m moving to only local grown meat because my body hates overly processed meats (store and fast food) now. Not to bad tbh
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@scrubbyboi @DearnleyLindsey @BitchAssBowie They just don’t seem to have as much meat as lobsters tbh
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@ColCacchio @BothaMiriam No meat, no interest
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@BellsCall Agreed but spinach is much better and if the lettuce ends up under hot meat you've got a soggy mess on your hands
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@Landfear74 @marckeepper @Ali_Davis @laurenthehough Really, much of my life has been a fantastic discovery that eve…
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RT @TonsTweetings: ดีใจที่คนเริ่มตาสว่างกับกระแส Plant-based meat คือมันไม่ได้ทำให้สุขภาพดีกว่าเลย พวกเนื้อสังเคราะห์เจอเนอเรชั่นใหม่…
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Right, please give me your easiest-ever sauce ideas. Storecupboard stuff you can just throw together to stir throug…
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Don't like dark rings under your eyes? Don't eat meat and they'll go away. Really. I know it's not what you expect…
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@crownexo_ YES EXACTLY! Like I will happily tear up a vegan meal. My bro made me some amazing pasta with vegan bolo…
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meat éí há’át’íí óolyé dóó dikwíí ninááhai?
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@RichardKing633 @FrasierHarry @Olga4Animals An increasing number of people realize the HORRIFIC reality of the slau…
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RT @NanHayworth: Democrats, you own this. National Guard troops defending Capitol reportedly sick after eating raw meat via @nypost
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@mchooyah And protecting it with National Guardsmen. And feeding them mold, metal shavings, and uncooked meat.
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The quotes... ppl are really obsessed with meat, this is ridiculous... You can enjoy eating meat while understandin…
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Heads Up, Meat Lovers Our Sandwiches just got Meatier! Today's the day you've all been dreaming about, right? MORE…
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@CDCarter13 The only correct answer for Denny is "7 more types of meat"
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best meat?
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kellogs was really like "lemme tell these christian mfs that eating meat in the morning encourages masturbation and…
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