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At the end of day, we're all fucking tired. Just tired - not fucking after a long day, but that would work too. I…
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RT @777_oya: The vibration of love will carry you to the places and spaces you are meant to be.
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Should of never sent you free , we were meant to be
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COLLEGE DURING THE PANDEMIC: Mask and distancing restrictions may be relaxing across much of the country, but it's…
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RT @ClupterObert: @yauld Greed is not a disease solely reserved for politicians! 'ME' is the overriding theme in the name of our Nat…
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RT @VoiceOfFranky: NACI chair says advice not meant to give AstraZeneca recipients vaccine remorse via @CTVNews
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I always lose my earrings 😔 it’s just not meant to be, like a lot of things I guess 😪
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🎼Rules are meant be broken & the box Is always tOO small. 💥Change The Game, Children.... Again & Again!! 🎉💜🎁 ABXO
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RT @therachelrabbit: I don’t regret any friendship or relationship. God makes no mistakes and it was meant for us to cross paths for a b…
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RT @Davidchibike: One thing I've learnt is to live in the moment. If it's meant to be then it's fine. If e don spoil, then rest.
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RT @dharaacreations: From the simple white sari to the red colouring ... her life is filled with colours with a humsafar who will fill a…
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@TSM I go by Paopu Fruit or Paopu. The term is from kingdom hearts and I just absolutely fell in love with the idea…
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Nothing is a coincidence, everything you’re experiencing is meant to happen exactly how it’s happening. Embrace the lessons and be grateful.
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Curse you tiny keyboard, I meant should!!
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Of course, cargo pants will never, ever truly be stylish. Because they're not meant to. They are meant to be functi…
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RT @obscuree_: Healing isn’t meant to be easy, it’s meant to purge yourself of the old you. That’s inevitably going to be painful…
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RT @UnFitz: Me: Moving sucks. Her: Right? You never realize how much useless junk you’ve accumulated until you start going thr…
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There's no force that can stop what is meant for you. Fate is in your favor. It's already done 'cause you have beli…
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@srlzach p/c trans was meant for that but im gonna add more like glitches n other shit
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