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RT @cBm___7: People called me a misogynist when I said “I wish gege to kill all the females character in jjk so we would be free…
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this the third time this week some one has asked me to borrow money 🥴 I am not a walking atm and I’m all outta favors.
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RT @genmnz: “u stay playing w me” nooo dude i don’t want u😖😖
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RT @tinpanbxy: Soo, I finally made a gofundme. My name's Josh and I am an 18 year old trans man who is trying to save up for my to…
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RT @FionaSnp: A pal posted this morning that a dawn raid was happening on his street. This is what happened next. Scotland give…
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RT @begorabejaysus: Interviewer: How do you explain the 4 year gap in your CV? Me: that's when I went to Yale. Interviewer: that's ve…
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RT @mariahvincera: I can feel myself changing in all the right ways and I love that for me
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Leigh-Anne’s sister looks exactly like her 😳 I thought me and my brother looked alike but THAT takes the biscuit 😳 #LeighAnneRacePopAndPower
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RT @X_Gamer_kid: In the space of 1 year I lost many Xbox Franc friends @Zirka @thomasbeaufils @Sebogu probably due to jealous, je…
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RT @nongghanna: M: Mix already follow you!! T: Oh really? I never use the apps before so I don't know who follow me M: So you can't…
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Why do I put all my energy into someone who doesn't care about me. I have like 4 songs written about this
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If you let me, I’ll take care of you.
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i want someone who wants to fall in love with me and breed goldendoodles
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RT @jhseokjin: SORTEIO PELÚCIA 🌟 PRÊMIO🎁 - Pelúcia fanmade bt21 da escolha do ganhador REGRAS✅ -RT e FAV -Me segui -Comentar qua…
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RT @ScottPresler: @POTUS The rule is simple: the government has no authority to tell me how to live as a private citizen & I’m not…
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RT @Iammeshon: The universe gone keep blessing me cause I’m not a hating ass bitch.
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my friend told me I have the personality of someone who is 5’4 at most... feeling SICKKK
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RT @MaliniBasu_: A single mother is working at a local Walmart to support her 4y/o son. When she got home on Saturday morning, she…
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RT @mazeinmiroh: me when i first got into skz not knowing that they are all-rounders:
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RT @Cityboy4lifeRob: @leonalioness6 Yeah many of us here love you 😍 like others have said you followed/welcomed me when I was just findi…
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