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RT @maryderrickart: @mattgaetz @BernieSanders MATT the truth is that all AMERICANS stand TO LOSE MORE TO LOSE UNDER TRUMP THAN ANYONE E…
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RT @IfNotNowOrg: From the Assistant Rabbi of Congregation Beth Elohim, the largest Reform Synagogue in Brooklyn, Matt Green. He cor…
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@NoahSweet7 Jim Utter made an assumption about Barstool, and they had a back-and-forth with each other, then Matt W…
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RT @MUFC_Gallery: Matt Busby pictured with Charlton, Law, Best, Kidd, Crerand & Sadler at #mufc’s Cliff training ground. More legend…
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RT @wh1te05me: オカン「昨日城田くんが歌ってMattがKinKiの曲弾いてたんよ~、なんの曲や?」 その情報未取得のワシ「KinKiの曲やろ~んー」 うろ覚えのオカン「愛がなんとかって」 ワシ「それは絶対愛のかたまりやないか、カバーされる曲で愛がついたらだいたい愛のかたまりや」 ↓
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@Earnhardt88_AJ @alannadeau2016 Matt Weaver and his girlfriend are also on Jim’s side
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Hancock closes out the regular season with a 72-51 victory over Hillcrest. Matt Thompson sets a new single-season r…
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@GN15 @CGillaspia Dammit. Now I want cereal
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$7.30 Phantom Hawke. Oh my @TheTrustFund1
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@joshgondelman I order the club sandwich all the time, but I’m not even a member, man. I don’t know how I get away with it.
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Looks like Murphy and Dawkins are sent to the back!! #Raw
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RT @TheWingsOfB: [VOTACIONES] ARMY! votemos por #YOONGI 💕🥺 Aquí un tutorial de @/Matt_WolfT #BTS @BTS_twt Link:…
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Matt, did you miss where @stoolpresidente donated 91k of his OWN money to headstrong last year? Not funds from Bars…
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RT @DWUhlfelderLaw: More bad news for Matt Gaetz
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RT @adamcbest: The “raging economy” Matt Gaetz mentions here might exist for his big donors, but it doesn’t for most of his consti…
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RT @MMcLaughlinsong: Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven. Give…
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This woman is a first class c with a capital C
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@MVScouting Matt don’t you find it crazy that he re-upped. It’s insane to me that he really put his trust into that organization.
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