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RT @Gbemiso51509959: 4 years done and dusted💥 It's been God all the way👐 Bsc bagged💃 Class 18'19💜 Bsc. Mathematics🔣 #graduate🎓…
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RT @martingeddes: I guess to make the point I have to state a fact: the whole point of me doing a Mathematics degree at Oxford is not…
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My Supreme Mathematics goes from Knowledge(1)to Born(9) #Throwbackthursday my third born #WiseReality and my first…
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Design for software supporting mathematics education.... From Nick Jackiw’s fascinating talk at #ISDDE2019
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RT @DoE_Mathematics: Check out the @DoE_Mathematics and numeracy line-up for #MANSWgreatestshow 🙌🏼 @MathsNSW
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RT @albericolep: Prospective breach of RSA #primes #factoritazion #RSA #Cryptography #hacker #cybersecurity #pioneers #mathchat…
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RT @Im_Akua: Oh gosh how I wish Ike and Mercy are Ghanaians, I would be investing in their company, Mercy is smart with business…
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International Talk Like A Pirate Day! “Step lively, mateys! We’re avenging Polly-gone in mathematics today!”
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RT @jamestanton: What is @GlobalMathProj? What are #explodingdots? What is Global Math Week #gmw2019? What curriculum-connected math…
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RT @USTChES: Having trouble with math? Here's some good news for you! WHAT: MATHALINO: A Seminar on the different Mathematics T…
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@chimmyjiminniee Mathematics 🥺
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RT @zariffsazali: mixing up some thoughts with mathematics.
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بفتح ال study time table عشان اشوف المواد اللى حناخدها لقيت mathematics ... قفلت ال website و دخلت انام
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Math Teacher at Trenton Public Schools in Trenton, NJ: MATH TEACHER See attached job description. Attachment(s): Ma…
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RT @Ivan_Dcmtn: *namali sa entrep :science, mathematics, engineering and technology *correction ni ma'am :science, engineering, tec…
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i chose BSA because of the desire in mathematics without seeing the difference between equating and analyzing. MATH…
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What is @GlobalMathProj? What are #explodingdots? What is Global Math Week #gmw2019? What curriculum-connected math…
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RT @henryugwuu: But seriously this life in totally unfair, how will someone be jacking physics, chemistry, mathematics,literature e…
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@JoyceReizel @_ricciiirivero ay wao may mathematics pa 🙃 HAHAHA half half tayo, matagal ng kasunduan yan anoba
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@ValaAfshar @budimandjatmiko Mathematics-Physics
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