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@pablocasado_ Y vosotros devolver todo lo robado, meter en la cárcel a todos los corruptos de vuestro partido y romper los masters regalados
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Fake News soundbites paid for by Gov't, forcing mask and vaccine, don't reflect the conscience of all. Gov'ts are o…
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RT @FillWerrell: Tiger Woods chipping in at the 16th hole of The Masters (2005) will forever give me goosebumps.
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@waynescarter Zoona coz mwana sazadya Degree nor Masters😂😂😂😂.
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They are 99 seasons in, I have a masters degree in “THATS TOO FUCKING LONG BITCH”
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RT @NiyanSanusi: See the level that this slaves are willing to go to justify the actions of their masters? Omo
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RT @SCEI_Riverwatch: Congratulations @mallorielewarne! Not much pomp and ceremony but officially a Masters in Science at @UM_agfoodsci F…
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Djokovic agendó hasta el final del año Masters de París, Turín y la Copa Davis
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RT @CBCS: O seu novo programa favorito está chegando! Segue o fio pra entender melhor como vai funcionar o CBCS Masters! 🧶
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Estas Escuchando la #1 en REGAETTON Now playing on LMM REGGAETON RADIO: Mala Suerte by Alexis y Fido, Justin Quiles…
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@DQuayvius @GeorgeCGed it doesnt change much masters and pro league final with navi grandslam on line was live at t…
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The world ruined and if you think politicians are in charge your up a gum tree, they are just puppets who work for…
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RT @Herbert_Keg: @MikelMoso Es un vendaval tóxico extendido en las universidades USA. No es simple pijerío. Es alucinante la cantida…
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RT @anatomythpod: The Tiktik and Wakwak of Philippine lore: Depending on the region, these can be monsters who eat humans themselves,…
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@AnnitaDemetriou Αφού για 8 χρόνια έχετε διώξει δεκάδες χιλιάδες νέους, δημιουργήσετε πτυχιούχους με Masters υπαλλή…
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RT @saalome_org: We are inhabitants of this planet, not masters/lords/owners of it... →
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Escucha la Mejor Estacion de EDM LMM EDM RADIO: Fill Me In - AFTR:HRS Mixcut by Loud Luxury,Ryan Shepherd! Tune in…
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RT @VGArtAndTidbits: Mega Man Robot Masters (Crash Man, Metal Man, Bubble Man, and Air Man) Captain N character artwork.
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RT @right_side1: @MSANNCOOPER @BorisJohnson @Nigel_Farage @GBNEWS I think the majority of us agree & it not going to change while he…
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Back to your regularly scheduled programming. I'll continually cycle through various Flycast and FBNeo games as usu…
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