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Just trying to find the perfect fancy mask for 17's prom.
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RT @teachermowich: As a Kinder teacher I'll help your child: - open their cheese string (they tried with their teeth first) - if they…
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RT @JamesMelville: So what science are we following when when kids in school have to wear masks while Boris Johnson can have a busines…
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RT @marklewismd: We were just outside on the day the mask mandate has been lifted here in Utah and someone yelled across the street…
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RT @ScottPresler: Every Republican governor should be pushing for: -voter ID laws -no mask mandates -no vaccine passports -protect w…
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what if instead of a carrd or a bio we just wore a face mask with our age name and pronouns on it HDNZJXNZBXBXVX
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Boston University Warmer Windproof Balaclava - #coronavirus #covid #covid19 #face #mask…
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"When I designed the sequel hero, I didn't think that the mask would become a norm in the current world"
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RT @aubrey_huff: I walked around the Ark Encounter in Kentucky today with at least 5,000 people inside. Majority had no mask, no s…
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@USlawreview @B0Kay86 There have been times in my past where a mask during sex has been useful. Because the girl wa…
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@maryammohyusuf I see alot of dem girls with mask, but whenever I see u you're always glowing, and without Mask...🙂🙂
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RT @seattletimes: and Honeywell have introduced the first connected mask. Think sneakers meet smartphones.
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@CBCAlerts Holy Christ !!! Call the police, non compliance with wearing a mask! Fire victim should have known better and put a mask on!
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if i had a dollar for every time i saw a white man without a mask
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RT @SarmaSastrigal: Sarma Sastrigal, a Vedic scholar aged 73 years, on the streets of Chennai. 'Wear Mask' campaign. @PMOIndia
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@PaganHeathen Not much watching sammy at the moment be safe out there wear your mask n keep your hands clean take c…
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@InfinityTradesX Have they said anything on when the mask mandate might end? Me and a few buddies have a trip for J…
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RT @virtuelorian: Pedro really said “I’m going to match my mask to my red bottomed Louboutin shoes” 😌
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RT @mygovindia: As we come to the end of Day 1 of #TikaUtsav, let's recap the principles PM @narendramodi asked us to follow: > Hel…
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