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@seriouslyFFS @cathcartboy @OllieHolt22 So the players are lying when they say it has fuck all to do with Marxism?…
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@ATXPOA @BCinKW Marxism always demands death.
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@trygerspud @80_mcswan @FacundoSavala Ahhh so Marxism is bad, unless you benefit or find that brand of it pleasing...
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@RealKiraDavis Not so sure, we need to teach "things" demonstrating their historical flaws and attributes. Its ok…
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RT @conservmillen: Marxism & its derivatives (critical theory etc) only have the power to criticize, pick apart, & tear down—individua…
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RT @arlowhite: I’ll applaud the England players when they take the knee at Wembley. It’s not divisive. It’s not linked to Marxism…
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RT @JYSexton: Hitler created his power base on this very conspiracy theory and presented it as an existential threat to Germans.…
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RT @RBPundit: Critical Race Theory is Marxism based on race instead of class.
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You can have good things without class struggle or text book Marxism. It’s not all about you
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RT @Celtic_Films: What defeated the genocide of Communist USSR. Freedom vs Conformity of Marxism.
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@zefrog @PaulbernalUK Correct, as were videos of ordinary people on the streets being forced with threats of violen…
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RT @RealKiraDavis: IT'S OKAY TO BAN MARXISM IN YOUR SCHOOL. That's it. That's the tweet.
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RT @DailyCaller: Following Financial Scandals, Resignation From BLM, Patrisse Cullors Invited To Give UCLA Commencement Speech
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@shanepc1 @PolitiFact You really should study up on terms like "dogma" & "Marxism" before you abuse them. Fact: Sla…
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Obiden presents himself as weak, old, a failing memory, a socialist driven by Marxism & its supporters NONE of whic…
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@MrAndyNgo @PortlandPolice Marxism by democrats churns out evil monsters.
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@f_mooring @MRSpinkston85 What’s telling for me is this. You can see communism and Marxism everywhere except when i…
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@K_Phillips_Bong @Love2travel17 I’m done with teams or clubs that kneel for Marxism under the guise of BLM
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U think that your play-mates/ Comrades (Marxism) actually VALUE you/ HAVE YOUR BACK? = PMSL!... 100% GUARANTEED! -…
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@AntiNewDems Strewth. Taking control of social conventions and changing them so they are aligned with Marxist ideol…
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