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RT @Weltenbrandt: @Zebop I find this one of the most vile discriminations. "You don't qualify as full human being unless you are - m…
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RT @Yshnav369: #ManiyarayileAshokan Ashokan desperately wishes to get married as he is past the marriageable age. However, bad luc…
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@strokeogenious1 @AhceneDoes @Pidgepor Because being married used to mean automatic consent to sex. Thankfully now…
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LMAO they actually think AW see the least desired, least married, most divorced and most obese demographic as compe…
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RT @mrjasonowilson: Today marks 23 years of being married to the love of my life!
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RT @ragz_2_richest: Issa Rae told black women in her book to settle for Asian men and she got married to a black man 🤣🤣
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No we're still getting married bb
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RT @AskAnshul: Kerala: Catholic Church Diocese's scheme for families with 5 or 5+ children : 1. ₹1500/month for couples married a…
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RT @AskAnshul: Kerala: Catholic Church Diocese's scheme for families with 5 or 5+ children : 1. ₹1500/month for couples married a…
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RT @cheolattes: fucking hell if seventeen gets married do we get merch boxes too
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A look at some of the visual combos, 243 in total, each married to a stem in @verite's Warm Season! Stacked layers…
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@navybluemosk Saaammmee. People are like "are you married" and I'm like hahaha "what do I look like? An adult? ... Oh wait"
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RT @mandarainart: Gege, want to get married? 💍 [Ch.113] #tgcf #hualian #HeavenOfficialsBlessing #tgcffanart #XieLian #HuaCheng
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Some of the public is internalizing Issa’s wedding/private life way too much. She got married. She liked her relati…
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RT @LondonAffair: unfortunately I won’t be popping up married. y’all gone know bout it the moment that engagement ring is comfortably on my finger.
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@The_Witch_Doll Not at all. I'm happily married to a man who brings my brekkie in the morning and helps me put my s…
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#SoheeItu dipilih oleh Thunder MBLAQ untuk menjadi pasangan'a jika WGM (We Got Married).
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@castawayinlondo He was married to my friends cousin.
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@RamiishaT Again Babe's I'm Telling You It's My Heart Saying Again And Again Just Fly Don't Wait what Ever Conditi…
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