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RT @BeeRawWithIt: Grateful that tweeting and talking shit are a legitimate part of my marketing plan.
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@AntonioLola4 Nada, es un político nefasto. Ni un problema. Mal político en gran partido. No se le vota y fuers. Pe…
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@daluzana2 Personne lui a appris que la concurrence déloyale ça se fait pas ? Elle essaye de valoriser sa marque en…
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Sumpah ini frank on di square buat jualan baju betul betul s3 marketing
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@BangBangClick Taking a swing at streamers is a gutsy marketing move for Stadia, I'll give you that
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Such a fantastic course by @ChuckDeVita at Stanford. Engaging, informative and packed with knowledge:
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@F00lsG01D i’m excited too! i’m going for business and marketing! ahh so excited for next year
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@ria_alison Hi Ria, I apologise for the hassle. Have you in the past signed up for marketing consent? Please give u…
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RT @pagina12: EL HERMANO En un adelanto exclusivo de "Hermano"; el libro que inquieta al expresidente, Mariano Macri cuenta todo…
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Q. #Future of #marketing in 1 word: Rob Towne @Purple - "Fast" @jonmiller @Demandbase - "Football"…
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RT @UpdatesHSFR: L’équipe marketing de Harry fait un énorme travail quand même sur les singles de Fine Line !! Lights Up - Adore Y…
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RT @AdamBrayford: Enjoyed spending this evening with @SFU on their Comms / Marketing / Sales alumni panel. Made some inspiring new co…
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@CiudadanosCs @BalEdmundo Gobernáis gracias a ellos. Hechos no marketing.
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i'm in games marketing and as absurd as it sounds, paying charismatic streamers to play your game is often (not alw…
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En marketing, on appelle ça overpromised / underdelivered...
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RT @code4ca: 📣 Code for Canada is hiring! We're looking for a new Communications Coordinator to tell the story of #civictech in…
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This is *it* for marketing for possibly the foreseeable future... The next time Sam appears could be years from now…
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@NetflixBrasil Emily saindo do cursinho de marketing digital
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