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I showed this picture to the manager of the company I work and he told me: “who is this bear”? 😂 Forgive him Boy-sa…
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@SpeakUpAtWork @SiriuslyCold Okay. For example, my manager hugged me in front of everyone. I don't mind it. Is it s…
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RT @kennybeats: 1 person rapped in Spanish on the cave and my manager tweeting shit like this lmaooooo
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shouldn’t have added my old manager on snap 🤦🏽‍♂️ she tryna come thru. WTF!? now alla sudden she recognize and appr…
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RT @yeogirI: *manager do ateez entrando no dormitório* O ateez:
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RT @sharonbmills: President, Women of Distinction. President, Senior Class. Coca-Cola Campus Ambassador. Public Relations Chair…
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...UniInstitutional Global Convertibles Sustainable/Luxembourg-manager Silvia Hauenstein; UniInstitutional Global C…
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RT @BarcaWorldwide: "Maradona was Maradona sometimes, Messi is Maradona everyday." Jorge Valdano (Former Real Madrid general manager)
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clan【HøMÏEs】メンバー募集! prayer3名・manager1名を募集します! @ho_mies1001 @SEBONE0401 のどちらかに希望者の方はDMをお願い致します🤲 ※入隊前視察等あり! #荒野行動  …
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RT @ltarsenal: Guardiola on Arteta: "You can be a 45-year-old and believe you’re not ready [to become a manager] and 35 and believ…
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RT @Triplejay58: "A woman may be told by a manager that women should submit to their husbands or that women should not be employed o…
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On this day in 1912, Hannah Daniels (then CEO of upmarket hotel chain Hilton) gave birth to the word's first engineering manager. 🙂
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RT @oxminaox: I quit Jack in the Box bc my manager got mad I called out to study for a final in HS & literally asked what was mor…
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RT @Alan_yournextbf: Mad oh! That's how I went to mega chicken and they were playing naira Marley puta.. I started dancing like crazy…
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RT @JVCom: 💜 CONCOURS SWITCH FOOTBALL MANAGER ⚽🦶 Devenez le meilleur entraineur du monde grâce à ce lot offert par @FMFrance
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RT @RikiRachtman: So I have already made mention of my pleasure in watching @AEWonTNT It just keeps getting better #TheButcher is act…
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RT @stellarshinee: remember when jinki sneakily took the letter from his back when his manager tried to block the fan, he really is th…
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Could never be my manager
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