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Amid the devastation of covid, I hoped that Aus govt would see how we weren't ready and thus enlightened, would mak…
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@JusstAGem Kayla Don't laugh please😂😂 Na serious matter. Your laugh is making me laugh😂
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@Jhud_agk First things first, start making plans to leave this country
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@HarrietMTubman 🤣.... but seriously, my friends and I are just too busy making it happen in our businesses, jobs an…
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@WrecklessWhyte Dubbbbb I am making a cheesecake
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RT @JimSlaven: Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to have a digital Christmas. The people making these decisions don’t li…
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RT @cvpayne: Mind the Gap A few weeks ago I tweeted I bought Gap Stores (GPS) in my own account after they announced major coll…
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RT @ToluPeters_: as much as we’re making jokes now, i hope we’re all also well aware of the fact that this government clearly is wit…
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@JoshCPinn I suggest you catch up on the latest @friendlyjordies top quality journalism. Oh and contact the sanctua…
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RT @kamsham_here: (rt!!) moots sub to my youtube channel to keep the moot /srs (comment proof or i will unfollow i am making a list)
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RT @SaharaReporters: #EndSARS: Get Facts Right Before Making Hasty Pronouncements, President @MBuhari Tells US, UK, Others | Sahara Repo…
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I'm out here making cool adjustments to a piece and then boom, I backed out of it Annoying
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RT @KhiveBidenBro: Connie Chung is completely dragging Donald Trump on CNN right now. She’s making him look like a small man, saying h…
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RT @RealDreylo: I love how we are making jokes on the timeline for now. Humor is the best medicine for pain.
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RT @sortaricardo: twitters making us do a whole workout just to retweet something now
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RT @azproductioncos: I am happy to present the first picture from Akali set we shot two weeks ago. @MiciaGlo have been working on Akali…
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@CarterAugust1ne It used to be that there were like 10 guys making an impact in MLS and then a ton of potential but…
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RT @redsteeze: .@RBPundit has been put in Twitter time out. Resa Azlan is still out there making threats but Twitter is cracking d…
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RT @aremo115: This music starting making sense now #visa
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@yourannoycentra This is the only country I have, can't run away. I will rather die making her better. #EndBadGoveranceInNigeria
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