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RT @day6official: DAY6 <The Book of Us : Negentropy - Chaos swallowed up in love> Lyric Film ② "You make Me"
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RT @citylightzmusic: Due to reasons beyond our control we will be delaying the release of our next single and the EP as a whole! We wan…
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RT @utrmusic: Before that, make sure you check out @The_Birch84 at 19:00 tonight as he makes his debut for Away Day.
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RT @abrilrojo_: you make me feel like i did you wrong
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I had 2-day physical classes during non-ramadhan days and now that Ramadhan starts I have 5 day physical classes??…
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RT @RoryHearne: Home ownership rates among 25-39-year-olds is now down to about 12%...Instead of reacting to disaster of 2008 prope…
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@theumbramortis "It does make you feel like you're reading something that isn't original"
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RT @jaxenstheginger: I absolutely needed to make something cute, and made Ezreal. I also failed to stop myself from giving him dimples.…
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RT @pussyriotttt: it's funny how patriarchy has gatekept accessibility to almost every material means and then has proceeded to feign…
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As much as I hate cars, I imagine it sucks to have your car stolen. The funny thing is vehicle theft was a crime th…
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how does he manage to make everything so cute it hurts me
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RT @saintyemmy: let’s make some noise for the enchanted forest kitty sanctuary
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RT @pikatl: i tried to make a cute orc character
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RT @STompyRR: I am done until next weekend. I will see How I feel using the systems next week to figure out if this will work for…
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@KKRiders Don't make it hard for varun. Bring him ASAP. These two are settled now can't let them take the game away.
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RT @lisamygem: ok i'm gonna make another one 😋 happy 400k views yeee
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RT @ChanIncognito: Honestly if your partner doesn’t want to make your birthday special then they don’t like you that much
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RT @FutureBite: Dear Black Woman, This world is yours, If you Gonna Hate Each Other you Will never Make it, Build each other and Su…
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@vawter_jennifer @guivpires @AP I said firearms homicide rate. You really should learn about the topic before you…
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RT @jtoni_n: That one bts song which never fails to make you cry
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