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Did you see the Mexican magician's disappearing act? He counted “uno, dos…”, and then he vanished without a tres. 😬…
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@drowsygeek 1) It's not original 2) It won't work 3) If it did, it's not that easy 4) Tell him to talk to someone i…
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@_SunflowerReads *Asra takes the handkerchief with gratefulness in his eyes pressing it to his nose* You don't owe…
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hey y'all my birthday is in a few months just saying
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Funko Pop Animation Yu-Gi-Oh! - Dark Magician Girl Vinyl Figure W/ Protector!
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@krishnib7 @LeRealV2 @vmimages He us a magician 😍👌
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@lusty_magician She sits by his side, starting to braid some of his hair at the side of his head. "Something you w…
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@Kevin_Ferrioli @B_Ubiquitous My magician 🎩✨⭐️ is back again!! A very impressive photo dear Kevin. I love love loooooove it! 😍❤️
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@im__utsav True magician with voice
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The Betis magician living up to his name.. 😂
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@ManUtd @juanmata8 El Mago(the magician) because he disappears in games I’m guessing?,there’s only one and it ain’t him
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@flglmn magician secrets for seducing girls: card trick, fun and non-threatening, maybe some conversation magician…
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Wish is seriously pushing hard for me to become a crack smoking magician
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RT @SkitViciousCOCK: Just like I did with addiction I'm 'bout to kick it Like a magician, critics I turn to crickets
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RT @hesham786: Gomes really is a little magician isn’t he? Play looks so much smoother with him at no.10, played some very clever…
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RT @SzMarsupial: i think this post is missing out this person's real substantive problem which is that their husband is fucking a ma…
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@Magician_Zastro @gdmn1973 Κλασσικές μιζέριες (με το μπαρδόν). Η Αθήνα είναι υπέροχη - προφανώς γίνεται καλύτερη, αλλά είναι μεγαλούπολη...
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Elf, dragon rider, leader of one side of a war against his ex-best friend and lover, best magician in the realm, a…
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in Liverpool them might say - it's trudo it's a bit like sayin dad's a magician instead of saaying musician! Engli…
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