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RT @DalitArmy1: Kamesh Bhai is not dead, is present in the heart of all of us and will always be, We all have learned from the sacr…
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@mythic_quest “You have a face like a fucked ass..” you made F.Murray Abraham say that.. I’m am equally troubled, i…
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RT @DasiAnupama: #कबीरसाहेब_की_52_लीलाएं Brutalities on God Kabir When Kabir ji was sleeping, Jalim Shekhtaki made a deadly attack…
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@MessiahX5 Lmao. He shoulda made smarter choices
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RT @meeracleshappen: quit my job because i made my money the old fashioned way (i got run over by a Lexus)
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RT @America_Senpai: Hyper Sonic was made for this #SonicTheHedgehog #Sonic
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RT @Jokeb0i: people who see beautifully made animation and say "wow this needs a live action adaptation! 😍" take years off my life
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RT @SwedishCanary: Breaking news: IKEA finally confesses that their meatballs are made from customers who couldn't find the exit.
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And... Happy 8th Anniversary to the most lovely, sweet, caring, and handsome crack heads who made my life much more…
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RT @stumphobic: “Just Know They’re Not The Sinister Type!” - - i made mx. sinister into one of those weird cheap paperbacks from th…
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RT @ch0c0coa: wilbur when george made a dnf joke:
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@gayatri_0802 @Vidhi_613 hope it made you feel a lit bit more happier and good morning 💕
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RT @changgurie: i was scrolling through my edit and i totally forgot i made this one 😃😶🙃 take a look pls this is so funny
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RT @FootballFunnnys: Denmark's Simon Kjær made sure that Eriksen didn't swallow his tongue when he was unconscious, gave him CPR, made s…
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RT @Im__Avantika: Attempts were made by Shekhtaki to kill God Kabir many times. But who can kill the imperishable God. Kabir ji is th…
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RT @LaDube_N: Our elders aren't fair to the youth. They had opportunities to make decisions from their youths & made them policie…
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RT @ArjunSi99555538: #कबीरसाहेब_की_52_लीलाएं Kabir ji was attacked with a sword, but the sword didn't go through the body of Lord Kabir…
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RT @flesh_fire: Hi, My name is Flesh. long story short, if i dont get the treatments i need my teeth ur gon…
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@KoDreaWWOFC The happiness of life is made up of the little charities of a kiss or smile, a kind look, a heartfelt…
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RT @Praveen66912987: #कबीरसाहेब_की_52_लीलाएं To kill Kabir Saheb ,Shekhtaki called wrestlers and made them attack God Kabir by Mugdar.Bu…
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