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@lrdryan @216358 Ça y est je vais recommencer à m’énerver
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RT @woosansangsmum: Okay I'm done with my cup of tea as well as my short love rant 😝 I'm gonna go back to Netflix now (I'm watching Str…
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RT @JarlathJudge: Hi y'all @wexfordhour Decided to try out #sumup 's shop starter for online sales. A multitude of customer service q…
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RT @BuuuuuBuuDesuwa: I'm still so happy for her. When she got up and tell us to see her uniform, she looked so happy, and that means she…
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RT @RexChapman: Following several injuries Brazilian pianist João Carlos Martins lost the ability to move his fingers. But after m…
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@commonsense_grl Hello Claire! Welcome back! I'm sorry to hear about this! Could you please send us a DM with more…
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@DonaldJTrumpJr I’m a landlord and my 10 year old knows about it. They desperately needed some ammo prior to the debate.
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@SpookieLee_ I’m sorry you’re going thru this!! I would def make a beware on them. Your feelings are valid!!
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@tshepolefthand 🤭🤭🤭🤭 o sa ntshega tuuu!! Ke lantlha ke mmona I've been living under a rock. I'm sure he's even married 😥😥
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RT @SauceCodee: Finally, MyGrade hits 1k+ downloads on Playstore 🚀🎉 I'm so glad that over 1,000 users found my app useful. I've al…
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Always a great tool
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RT @genvegaa: one of my biggest dreams came true, I’m a signed model 🤧💗!!
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RT @ScottPresler: Just spoke w/ a Republican chairman in Pennsylvania. Offered my help (free of charge) to bring out volunteers. Wa…
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RT @pomyers: Hi Everyone! Glad to be here for #GHTChat! I’m Patrick, a heart surgeon from Switzerland @HopitaldeLaTour
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I’m so close to deleting all my socials for a while
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EduTwitter yet again you are marvellous. Thank you for the DMs the offers of emails, the phone call. You are truly…
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RT @Glouphoe_: I’m not a person u find twice ...
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I’m guessing Dier didn’t want to experience a Gary Lineker moment?
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i miss wetzels pretzels pls wear ur mask so i can get a cinnamony pretzel or pretzel dog bites i’m begging you
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😂 girl you just broke a couple of my ribs with this tweet I’m laughing so hard! 😂👍🏼
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