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5:30.. Haven't been to sleep yet.. And I'm craving a salad like no other. What is happening in my life? 😂😂
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RT @Dude_john0305: アモンケット、テーロスの神がバンドを組むと
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RT @VLlinas: Inadmisible la presencia de #PabloCaruso en @Intratables Luego de la aberración que dijo deberían haberlo invitado…
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RT @nooriislit16_: Sometimes I'm like. I need a hug. But then I remember I hate being touched so basically, yes.
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As my brother and his wife are away traveling, I’m visting my mom tonight. While we were having dinner, there was…
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@GossiTheDog lots of people don't think ahead to "what happens when I'm done with Uni and they terminate my email a…
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I keep telling myself that no matter how sad I am right now, one day when I’m older I’m going to tell a story that…
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I was on a boat for 2 days and I still feel like I'm swaying two days after, any tips to calm my non-sea legs? I si…
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RT @lowkeyclutch: how i’m trying to be all winter with a queen
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@sakurayuki1215 アリアちゃんとの絡みを描いて頂ける!?なら口調等の情報追加しなければ… にま、と閃く顔が可愛い〜と思いながら見てました。個人的にデフォルメ絵が苦手なので、六花さんのデフォルメキャラがめちゃくちゃ好き…
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RT @DanMentos: date: So what do you do? me: *pulls out stuffed fox* I'm a taxidermist date: Oh wow fox: and a ventriloquist
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@Superfind @my_suhr_guitar To be fair I’m just suspicious of what motivates the political classes at a European lev…
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RT @ryanjamessydney: To date, I believe I'm the only person to be stripped of awards. It's a badge I wear with great pride. I hope that…
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RT @__MILZ: Jesse Kriel pulling the "I'm a College boy" pose
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I’m flying out to Budapest this afternoon, then back tomorrow, so updates might be few and far between for a bit. I…
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@chinahelpdesk @ai_bi_li @LizAnnSonders @howmuch_net Unions restrict employment. I’m for a higher minimum wage to p…
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RT @iheartmindy: I’m starting to lose count now, is this like the 3rd guy to die at this big time Democrat donor’s house because he…
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