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RT @gabelopezsongs: Ahhh! I’m so thankful to have produced and co-written @JYPETWICE’s “Sweet Summer Day” with @drewryanscott and…
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RT @GeminiTerms: When a #Gemini asks you to Listen to a song, it’s because the lyrics are all the words they’re Afraid to tell you.
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RT @mulapeep: call me by your name lyrics
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RT @chanyhoney92: 200710 #EXO_SC ‘Jet Lag’ ‘시차적응’ is a charming R&B hip-hop song with a lyrical guitar performance. In the lyrics,…
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@RoyaleHighMemes i used to think the chicken heels in that free rainbow pattern was super cute with or without a sk…
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RT @GisiLovesTaylor: Now I can finally get it out of my chest... Shawn, your lyrics on the Lover remix are basic & cringy af, I really…
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RT @chanyhoney92: 200710 #EXO_SC ‘Rodeo Station’ ‘로데오역’ is a hip-hop song which combines simple guitar riffs and casual beats. In th…
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@_classic_human @CHIVOS3 أذكر أنسانة كتبت عن موضوع وذكرت فيه (التاء) واسمتها تاء السماء، وضربت عليها مثل إنما العلم…
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@decaIcomania_jk @jjktalents @BTS_twt The name in the parenthesis after production credits are for composition and…
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@cabeaux @crooksandliars I second that one. Was looking at the lyrics and they fit perfectly.
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grabe i’m still reeling she replaced the lyrics, i mean Dope is good but this was on another level.
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New song added to playlist from #TheBestofYouInMyMind OST .. such beautiful lyrics and voice ..
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RT @mulapeep: call me by your name lyrics
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@DrunkenTigerJK Yes and @BTS_twt does it so perfect, their lyrics changed my life and for that I am forever greatful! We stan kings!
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RT @iam_johnw: Every girl on twitter getting ready to use summer walker ep lyrics for insta captions
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Comfort album was hard 🤔 but going with this one since I used to know all the lyrics
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RT @ChoiceMusicLA: SuperM culture is never being able to say the right lyrics at the right time Cause when we jumping it's popping We…
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singing: god awful, lyrics: god awful, not to mention the prop work is awful and WHY IS ARACHNE TALKING TO PETER AS…
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RT @mulapeep: call me by your name lyrics
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I remember in college being told to put my fingers between my keys to enable myself to protect myself “in case.” I…
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