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RT @LukePagarani: ... so it has taken four years for low engagement voters to absorb it fully. The real charge against Corbyn is that…
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RT @actionfrauduk: Find out how to improve cyber security within your charity – quickly, easily and at low cost with this great guide…
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If the party is with legitimately funny people and everyone's goal is to be funny with a very low budget ($10, tops…
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you worthless low class warrior i am a Saiyan Elite Prince Vegeta and this is Nappa my bitch who does all the shit i don't wanna do
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Flu-like illness caused 3.2% of doctor visits in week ended Dec. 7—33% above typical level, but 9% below previous w…
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@sardesairajdeep @PChidambaram_IN @IndiaToday This is the problem with Indian media, the likes of you celebrate cri…
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RT @129kuroshitugi: おはよ☆〜(ゝ。∂)💕love NHKでやってた 歴史ヒストリア 上原良司さんの話 特攻隊の人の言葉です #これは自殺者です と言う遺書 541
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@RoyAFrye1 @hollymathnerd @Noahpinion diving into this thread to say that this is a total misinterpretation of my w…
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RT @bigfatsurprise: News from World Congress on Insulin Resistance, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease. Low-carb is already a standard…
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RT @geraldcelente: My favorite Trends Journal Top Trends for 2020: "ELEGANCE": it's how we can rise above the chaos around us. "ELEGAN…
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Ive never felt so low in energy and strength in my life like not even after i gave birth wtf is going on
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RT @BrandonAris: 5 YO Florida boy: I wanna be an entrepreneur! 23 YO Florida man: I got the gas for the low hmu
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@NinersNation don’t we have really low waiver priority
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@KADuesterhoeft @KHShan Thing is, many people on SSDI or SSI want to work and have employers who’d accept them for…
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RT @ringel: @AngryBlackLady Broke: “They go low, we go high.” Woke: “They go low, we respond proportionately and decisively.”…
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RT @TumiMolekane: I was low key expecting a freestyle madame @zozitunzi 🙌🏾🇿🇦👑
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Our Tree Decorating Challenge supports the Christmas Sharing program, which helps over 1,300 low income families en…
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@StephenPunwasi When the demand is low, shouldn’t the price go down? Somebody please explain the weedoconomy!
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RT @Sam_ONella: PSA: wikipedia's low on money and my channel wouldn't exist without them so I'd be remiss if I didn't suggest to y…
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@Mel629_ True. Didn't realize it was that low a price tag.
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