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RT @BelindadeLucy: For many Europeans Brexit is a beacon of hope. An example of democracy surviving the EU. Boris must stand up to t…
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RT @CattHarmony: Hunter Biden was money laundering for his father, aka the Big Guy. What a loving crime family the Biden's is!
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RT @Pakairforce_: Integrated Pakistan never gave up the fight and stood guard with sheer bravery, un-wavered resolve and un-matched r…
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@danielsgoldman It’s a beautiful loving picture.
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RT @spring030993: 141023 #슈가 #SUGA #BTS loving him is… red red red ❤️ @BTS_twt
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RT @momokulala: Finished my work and log in back,I thought I was dreaming. Thank you for following me and loving my recent DMC Lad…
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RT @stuartpstevens: There is a deep, generational dysfunction in the Trump family. It reeks of sadness and anger and an overwhelming ab…
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@saviour76 That's slick as fuck man. Loving the colours 👌
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RT @glowybones: I'm loving this trend of "We all get forced to see ads for something for several months until it immediately runs o…
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RT @ayaopologism: another day spent loving nie huaisang
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@ThegirlJT It’s so scary... like how am I still loving right threw it all
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@ma0xiko_xx おめでとう!!!!! 禰豆子さん誕プレです!(後付け←)
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RT @estlapetitemort: This just in. Loving your children is inappropriate.
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RT @aymanndotcom: But father-son love is complicated, maybe more for some than others. Men have been punished for being soft and lovi…
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RT @realdailypayne: 🔁Just when we thought we’d reached our peak level of loving @LiamPayne he comes out and does this 🥺
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Sounds like you have some daddy issues man if you think a loving embrace between father and son is sick 😅…
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@Johnbrunning @ClassicFM loving Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence - very apt...I've just started soaking the fruit for Christmas cake in brandy!
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@Andy Where is your “prop” dog? Oh yeah you gave him up for a “prop” baby. It’s all about you. Dogs, babies... You…
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RT @AllahGreatQuran: ALLAH will love you the same as ALLAH did yesterday, today, tomorrow. And ALLAH will never stop loving us.
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RT @HelenOSheaMusic: Lauren Rose 🌹 Sixteen summers, sixteen falls, Sweet and funny through it all, Beautiful spirit, miracle child, Equ…
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