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@2ndmrschappers With the season they are having that’s asking a lot 😉
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RT @AarRogan: Don't get shocked a lot but can't get over that after Facebook admitted it didn't do enough during the Rohingya gen…
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RT @yorocky89: (Thread) It's been 2 years since @MelissaBenoist bravely came forward & shared her story of domestic violence. As h…
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Ohtani lot FS/NFT 2018 Debut Pink Refractor RC (has print lines) 2018 Bowman Platinum RC 2021 SC Chrome 1991 Refra…
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The dietician has asked to avoid Palak and Saag altogether but eat a lot of green leafy vegetables. Now, it makes c…
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RT @Malachians: First time we've had back to back wins in the league since September, we defended set pieces well, kept a clean she…
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RT @cremanata_art: here's luigi and daisy because i love them a whole lot 😩💕 #supermario #nintendo
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I HAD TO CHECK UR TWEETSTO RMB WHO U R IM SORRYIAHSH i interact w u a lot my brain just forgets 🚶🚶 ILY N I LOVE TALKING W U MWA /P
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How many coffees does it take me to wake up Answer is a lot more than one. Next! Not quite ready for #amwriting…
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@RyanWes37323075 Exactly. A lot of reactionary fans on the platform. We’re two points off top. Saying that, can’t b…
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RT @CuurlyyHeaad: We only go through what we allow & I’m done allowing a lot of shit.
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@zachpaul97 @willmavsffl You have a point about weak opposition for most of his career / not many title defences. I…
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RT @TXTUNOFFlClAL: if u already used up all your accounts for today then please make more or find someone who has a lot of extra accou…
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RT @OchwangiEd: @andiwoAndy The parents of this boy should ask themselves a lot of questions. Brought up a psychopath.
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@Harrybo51559868 Sounds like a lot of work, it'll be worth it though.
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RT @_lursland: Here’s the full compilation of the huevember pieces I did! Really feel like I learnt a lot about pushing color thro…
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i havent got lot of decent shots this time everything is.. so... fast.... 😭
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Y’all get some more drinks going on I’ll sound a whole lot better
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RT @sevilucidream: My bias in gfriend is umji, we have a lot similarities we have a same birthday date, i often touch my hair but don'…
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Ridley Scott really likes Adam Driver as an absolute prick, eh. I had a lot of fun with #HouseOfGucci, Gaga’s best…
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