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RT @maggiecsiebert: losing my fucking mind
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RT @Oley_Mnqai: I don't care how hard life gets, I'm never losing my faith in God.
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RT @dsherwoodb: Mega landlord Hazelview started off willing to negotiate, meeting with tenants, until they brought on lawyer Doug L…
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Scott and Crew talk about the @GoAztecs losing both big games over the weekend. Plus Alex’s @Vikings lost to the…
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@AaronParnas Since Ca reduced his district, probably thinks its best to leave instead of losing. He'll end up with…
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RT @Sweets_rinky: LF Rasmii out from TTF race 😂😂😂😂 16Bones baukhla gaya hai after losing... #PratikFam #PratikSehajpal #BiggBoss15 #BB15
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Hold the FUCK UP!! Kirk motherfucken Cousins gets nominated for player of the week after losing to the Detroit Lion…
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RT @prfoundbond: buck just realized he’s losing his partner nobody talk to me #911onFOX
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RT @questionabledad: @ryanjreilly This has to be a first: rock bottom wasn’t losing his family and business and living in a car and sell…
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RT @FocusIreland: We support Government commitment to end homelessness by 2030. However, the numbers homeless have risen since the ba…
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@Mukaluck32 @Connormuldowney Lol, imagine losing to the same defense you just made fun of.
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RT @ThurgoodStubbz: Bout had it with losing remotes
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RT @Oley_Mnqai: I don't care how hard life gets, I'm never losing my faith in God.
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One tweet that summarizes the times we live in. This happens across all industries. People will secretly be losin…
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so close to absolutely losing my shit in math class please help me
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RT @KevinKileyCA: California health workers and first responders who served heroically, many getting COVID in the process, are losing…
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I don't know what motivation you need, but you gotta go and vote on MAMA. We can't be losing on the last day. Vote…
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I’ve been so down I’m actually losing weight smh 😩
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RT @jvnggkuk: “if you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph.”
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