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My first book am publishing would be titled LOSE BIG WIN BIG.. Speaking this to existence
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@realDonaldTrump If you lose a gamble? Your fans can't do it! So you must win
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CW// MANDALORIAN SPOILERS - - - - - the fact that ahsoka is still looking for thrawn (practically meaning ezra) ma…
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RT @RBReich: Covid is resurgent and millions are about to lose unemployment benefits and their homes. But Trump is playing golfi…
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@TheEnglishRebel @sugarkane_12 Currency is a major problem. IF they use the pound, they’ll lose the ability to prin…
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@SegunTuase @nifemiderin The fact that you HAVE the choice is enough proof. We don’t have that choice. We lose impo…
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@acatfromgreece Unfortunately same in Australia. We lose one woman a week to DV. Complaint now laid by cops rather…
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RT @DogsTrust: When Diesel’s owner sadly died earlier this year, he came to @DT_Glasgow. 💔 He was chunky, so we helped him lose so…
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RT @MarkDice: @realDonaldTrump If Republicans lose the Senate, then section 230 will be amended by the Democrats to mandate platf…
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@realparkjihyo im thinking of learning first tho, i dont wanna just go in bc i might lose my starting capital. cong…
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@beyondzach2 why tf am I there, I need to stop interacting with you, I’m gonna lose my cool status otherwise
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@WarrenKeithwood @stephenasmith Lmao every team has injuries. Washington is on their 3rd qb this year and the guy a…
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RT @two_oh_teen: it’s ending in less than 20mins and we have very very little gap w/ 2nd place so anytime from now we can lose our top position
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RT @OdyG4: Don’t play with someone’s feelings. You could win the game but lose that person forever.
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The gap is said to be increasing!!! I don't want to lose since i know this is a big fandom so please, vote!!!!!!!!
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Danmark er det land i Europa, der er mest restriktive med medicin til børn og unge med muskelsvind SMA. Der bør kun…
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@CryLittleCisJen Do you ever wonder why they changed Page 47? Did they lose the original copy or something? Did t…
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@robjones673 @thetoffees_com But it’s clear he can Becsuse against Spurs his box was defended so well! Very annoyin…
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RT @ChinaWhite_2500: I ain’t scared to lose nobody..
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RT @hyegiiii: i don't know what to do if we lose, i spent so much 💸 on this 😢 so pls vote if you can 🙏
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