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RT @RKB_Tweets: Without @baraju_SuperHit #MaheshBabu కొట్టిన Single Record చూపిస్తే Life Long Mahesh Babu కి Cult Fan అయిపోతా..…
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RT @el__piji: he flies... he follows... he comes as long as he can spread his legs confidently.. oh jon just keep flyin high
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No way. Be reasonable. Wolf has recruited very well. The OL will be better next year. The scheme is abysmal and so…
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The surreal beauty of his eyes always makes me find it hard to compare the color with anything. I used to express t…
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@willchamberlain How do you know anything about their personal life? Oh yeah you don’t. Anyway after her “Anonymous…
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RT @Akdashh_: It’s been a long day man😩
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@CBrobston @b_hoskins8 As long as they don't use the truck engines they had at Vegas we're good. But yeah, maybe a…
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RT @DiyaGtweets2: Our Gyeomi is the best. Remember in idol room Eclipse era Yugy was so happy that after a long time 7 of them where…
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The loser, Eddie Rispone, a wealthy businessman and long-time Republican donor, tied himself to Trump. He often rai…
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RT @imalraz: bi : Omg, did you saw that? bm : weh... English : Heyyyy it’s been so long I haven’t seen youu bm : Weehhhhhhh b…
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RT @btsvotingteam01: Don’t lose hope ARMYS. As long as the voting is on going we still have the fight! 💪🏼 #AAArmysAreBusy (@BTS_twt)
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RT @theroaringsiren: Sex trafficking has been extremely high but hush hush for a long time. Too many Black women / children have been vi…
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Sino kasing nagbigay sayo ng karapatan na mag whole black tapos leggings ba yon at long sleeves pa. Parang di ko na…
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@PergesonJordan @ComfortablySmug I've been looking for this stuff. I had it once a long time ago. It's not too bad.
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@xamanthaspeaks Dont dim your own light for nobody 🙅🏽‍♂️. So long as your intention is NOT to brag/show off, there…
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RT @millionaire: I can’t BELIEVE Cuba sniffed nia long coochie mid scene, this man been dangerous 😭😭😂😂
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i left his house not too long ago and i’m so sad he’s leaving :((
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RT @millionaire: I can’t BELIEVE Cuba sniffed nia long coochie mid scene, this man been dangerous 😭😭😂😂
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FYI Second Grade Teachers these Long Vowel Mats are 70% off ($4) on Amazon!
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RT @jazzmynfletcher: @nvkedbaby Water turns blue when there are high levels of copper. Long term exposure can cause liver damage and dea…
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