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@RayRedacted How is slippery slope a logical fallacy when we see it repeated day after day. And if this idea is use…
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Holy hell that bump off the top of one of the entrances looked gnarly as hell for both guys. Pretty fun main event,…
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@DaTruthDT Once you run out of people to duel the only logical next move for humanity is to experiment on technolog…
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The Logical Song do Supertramp traduz de forma muito precisa e poética o processo de crescimento da infância para a…
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@ningstemp I’m guessing you’re a 13 year old who do not realize that you’re setting up Ateez to be dragged by your…
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@wil_da_beast630 Very rational and no nonsense. You draw logical conclusions from facts/data.
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“Women are emotional men are logical” then explain Olajuwon. His emotions all it and he want baby girls in it right…
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jaehyun furniture starts floating and he’s gonna have some logical explanation for it 😭
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@LifeStrains I knew all the logical people would understand, but you’d be surprised how often someone accuses me of…
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@vminsmomo You say kpop stans in general then Comment under hwa’s post very logical of you aye
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RT @DawgAlfie: @pplatesrgrate @lorrainestv_ads It's what happens when you release experimental medicines that haven't been fully t…
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RT @loecalavera: You cant approach an illogical person with logic…when they aren’t being logical and don’t want to be. Its going to be a fail.
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It's called logical thinking, which not a lot of the fans have
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@reehhjj @maskeengineer @imkerwinking Do you know the role of ICC? I think not ICC.. have you researched what ICC i…
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RT @SkyShell_studio: THIS IS A TEST App This screenshot is just test data. --- We have graphic, text and logical questions. We have tho…
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RT @EbenezarWikina: Our ask to the @ukhomeoffice and @FCDOGovUK is very straightforward and logical 3 interchangeable requests that re…
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@LMcgibbins @KETV Somebody who’s actively drinking should get a liver just because they’re somebody’s son. That’s some GD stupid reasoning.
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RT @spyderdobro: Every year it becomes harder for the horror screenwriter to craft logical and original reasoning to why there’s no…
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