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RT @PotterWorldUK: Dumbledore's Logic
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Not everyone will see the logic behind your don’t stop pursuing those dreams.
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This is Tory logic ... #FarageGarage #GeneralStrike #blob
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RT @steveruizok: New approach on my arrows problem. More math, less logic. These are the kinds of arrows I wanted from the start!
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@MeowtainDeww_ Logically there is nothing wrong with that, but shitty internalized terfery doesn’t care about facts and logic
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@meangreenmut At least here he looks like a father. When he is with Barron he looks like he is babysitting another Gary Bussey kid.
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RT @judash0: אז מה היה לנו בשמאל בימים האחרונים: זמר מפורסם קורא להצית את בלפור. ח"כ שקורא לאנרכיה. עיתונאים מוכים. לינץ' בבלש…
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RT @RushmoreExt23: #WeVapeWeVote @parscale @POTUS I would not dismiss the issue of #nicotinevaping, or the logic in ordering the FDA…
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@ANI With this logic your prince should be asked to do jhaadu-pochha
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RT @soledadobrien: But.... nobody’s actually defunded anything yet. Sooo—you’re logic is failing, lady.
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RT @neeensu: จริงงง แบบยิ่งโตยิ่งยืนยันว่าความรักมัธยมใสสุดแล้ว ไม่ต้องคิดถึงหน้าที่การงาน / logic ที่ lead ไปสู่การใช้ขีวิต,เ…
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@logic_editors Biar aja bro,nnti dia sadar baru hapus😤😤
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What happens when an Art Historian and a Geneticist collaborate? They come up with a new field called #ArtGenetics.…
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@Wjdub1981 @thatmouthywoman @thehill The same logic don't apply to Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Vietnam, and countless others I guess
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@ItZSAMIC @KhalTony @deadite101 @David_Drawss No shit because what your saying is impossible to argue with. By your…
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RT @JoonsLoverGirl: I don't know what is Indian Local logic of Beard = Masculinity . My mom is not army , she also dislikes heavily-be…
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Basis your logic, you should have been the PM. Sundar Pichai is 48 and is CEO of Alphabet. Why do you all lack logi…
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RT @IKaransharma27: We are a failed nation just because we don't allow to crack jokes on our Real Heroes & Gods? What a Dumb Logic.
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RT @ATenholte: Virtualizing business logic was never easier in #bw4hana. Calculation of additional fields, filtering data in a par…
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