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@vornietom What a load of crap you are talking
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@TwistHound What would you like for the desk? Ive got a load of kitchen stuff
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Watching a helicopter sling a big load is something to see. I was twice hypnotized by watch helos sling large air c…
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@kitttenpetals They're both the same price, so I'd say get the digital version if you have the space on your storag…
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@Birdybabe07 Did someone dump there load in it?...
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Is anyone else having to refresh like four times in order to get anything on Wordpress to actually load?
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@afneil This tweet is moronic. "The virus decides to go for you", "50-50 chance", what a load a rubbish.
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24th day of working straight. I decided to lessen my work load. But I ended up doing personal projects instead.
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After last weeks laundry induced argument in which my dad said he would never touch an item of my clothing in the l…
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Mon Apr 6 16:45:02 EDT 2020: kestral: temp=35.8 C, 16:45:02 up 48 days, 21:54, 0 users, load average: 0.65, 0.16, 0.04
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Mon Apr 6 16:45:02 EDT 2020: osprey: temp=40.00 C, 16:45:02 up 57 days, 21:36, 0 users, load average: 0.07, 0.09, 0.12
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Mon Apr 6 16:45:01 EDT 2020: cardinal: temp=42.9 C, 16:45:01 up 28 days, 22:26, 0 users, load average: 0.07, 0.06, 0.01
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@EE im paying alot for the highest Internet package. What are my options for having received speeds this low for da…
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RT @DrSidMukherjee: And remember that viral load MIGHT predict disease severity. So... think of every way you can to decrease the dose…
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Ooh just get a load of them, they got chemistry
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RT @TAFKAB2: Scientists have discovered owning a PS5 means that by 2026 you will have waited 0 seconds for a game to load. Xbon…
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I got a fur load from work today!
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The rate at which my computer is deciding to load certain things rn is making me want to just throw it out the window
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