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@Mallys_Rul I have changed insurance The insurance laws in my state allow this. To get auto insurance I must lis…
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@StrongHedge “I plan on living forever, so far so good 👌🏻 “
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A Living NIGHTMARE: Former Bad Boy Artist G. Dep's Tragic Life via @YouTube
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rich husband, moving out & living a luxurious life sounds way better than all that useless suffering
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RT @4248: If you are not willing to defend the truth, you are not living by the truth.
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RT @SamiAlJaber: Congrats @BafGomis on reaching 100 goals with @Alhilal_FC, such an amazing feat from a living legend 🦁💙
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@elonmusk You care about space and technology more than your own planet that you are living in currently that has 7…
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RT @aniquecrystal: The most convincing sign that someone is truly living their best life, is their lack of desire to show the world th…
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RT @mrdavidflane: Happy 95th Birthday to one of the few genuine living legends. #DavidAttenborough
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RT @DonBelleOFC: We're living for our TagSen's patungan ng kamay sa balikat! Congratulations, @donnypangilinan & @bellemariano02 and…
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returning to the land of the living hello
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RT @SleepDeez: Good morning ☀️ Thank you @nymphoghost & @splice here’s the full interview. Sidebar: this w…
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RT @ladbible: Happy 95th Birthday to the living legend that is Sir David Attenborough.
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RT @djqanwndqq2: Living autotune Seungyoon returns 😆
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Gov India ordered to send stimulus money each and every Indian living there to purchase food water med and to live…
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living with my mother again just makes me realize how much i hated her growing up she is not AS BAD anymore but god…
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RT @_SirWilliam_: Nigerian Political elite should have been on alert during the Herdsmen attacks in Southern Kaduna. But people with…
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RT @johnb78: A retired person living in a house they own outright with a guaranteed pension is not working class under any meani…
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RT @paddycosgrave: German living in Ireland speaks truth The majority of jobs created by tech MNCs in Ireland are transient & entry-l…
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RT @muftimenk: Put an end to racism & violence. Stop labeling people. We're all part of the Almighty's creation. How difficult is…
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