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Now playing at Come Listen! David Bowie - Fashion
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Cant nobody tell me K Michelle don’t hit. You can feel however you please about her character but LISTEN TO ME SHE’S A PHENOMENAL ARTIST.
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5 Things You Need To MOVE Your ORGANIZATION or NATION Forward As A MISSIONARY Leader by Obayomi Abiola Benjamin|Lat…
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@tiredtiredlarry @harrysdoingtime Can you send me the thread as well trying to tell my mate who listens to them but they won't listen :)
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RT @PushpendraRoyal: #LifeStory_Of_NabiMuhammad Must listen this video to know how Hazrat Muhammad was shown way by Allah Kabir and how…
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vou só dizer mais isto: raiva de “do you listen to girl in red?” 😤 deveria ser hayley kiyoko rainha tudo mas pronto…
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@AndrewMarchand Dude Craig paired with....Mike. Now that’s some radio I would listen to. 😝
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@netflix Listen her you little shits, you already fucking took friends and that 70s show off US servers, if you don…
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During my shower when I'm naked I don't like to listen to the moon as I wonder what's to come next.
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RT @RWTrollPatrol: @TuckerCarlson Duty to warn! This administration is a transnational crime syndicate. Trump's ties to organized cr…
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I spend a fairly large amount of my life marvelling that I get to live in a timeline where @JustinMcElroy gets to p…
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It will be so nice to watch tv or listen to the radio or look at social media without political ads!
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RT @divinenasa: ariana the ones who didn’t listen to the leaks
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RT @shezstuck: Sometimes, she is tired. Sometimes,she doesn't wanna talk. Sometimes,she doesn't need your advice. Sometimes,she do…
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RT @wlwsoul: do you listen to girl... of the month?
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since we cancelled girl in red i recommend "do you listen to loona" to be new "do you listen to girl in red"
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follow jesus listen and obey 🙏
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RT @Dknight10k: Thank you to everyone who stayed to listen. Fuck you to everyone that whined and complained and unfollowed and blocked me.
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RT @RWTrollPatrol: @TuckerCarlson Duty to warn! This administration is a transnational crime syndicate. Trump's ties to organized cr…
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@btsvotingorg @BTS_twt ⚠️ ARMYs who haven't installed choeaedol app yet, you are not late there's time for you to j…
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