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RT @ItsGotStarTrek: @DecksLower I (@Patrick_Irelan) haven't seen it a while - how about you @Dan_G_Bitz? I remember liking it quite a b…
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RT @cooltobecrazy: Oh God,I am at cloud nine,was hell depressed today but I am dancing like a small kiddo 💃💃💃 Thanks a lot @rhea_shrm
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RT @riahluvs: Being single is having hella options and liking none of them
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RT @sofrito_mami: Someone could say to me “I like the blue sky” and i’ll respond with “i like the sky at sunset because it has a lot…
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no ass whoopin gon stop me from liking coochie
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@akm_philo Thanks for liking one of my posts.
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@xilinnayis theyre a lost cause liking music like that 😰 my music good ONLY 🙄 i like 90s band not modern poppy teen band vamps 😏
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@7kneegrows @shikasintern @la_unica_zara @hannahyusuck And i don’t even see the point in this conversation anyway.…
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@Safe_Haven0419 Darn, I just went and got snacks. Then I realized I live in Portland. No downtown for me, not in 3…
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@cheeky_kebab @luvemcurvy I’m liking the way you’re thinking 😉😘 xx
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RT @NiceWigg: @ceryal_ @tinymidna Thank you guys that shit means a lot Tbh I just be trying to support everyone and anyone chas…
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@Serial_Cummer @CityBureaucrat @bronzeagemantis Of course. Liking things 'ironically' is for fruits.
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RT @bangtanodeshi: The way Armys are retweeting and liking the billboardchart tweets for the BTS #1 on the charts and in the same brea…
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I’ve spent ages building flat pack furniture only to end up not liking it for the purpose it was intended 😭😭and I a…
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@TomTaylorMade Honestly when the series started I thought it would be a marvel zombies ripoff but am quite liking h…
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RT @egofkr: nsfw / (?) stop defining being lesbian/gay as ‘liking vag/dicks’ challenge u make no sense
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loona are my ults but i kinda be liking fromis_9 more but i also love loona pls help
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RT @DaiChann0: Yall be liking my tweets and following me but.. No one gonna dm me and be friends w me?😤
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@qnssx @Qnsxxx I’ve never muted but i was there supporting silently 😅😂 you’d be shocked who will mute you just by l…
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RT @Mordeby69: Unpopular opinion: Rationing is nothing more than an echo chamber. It's literally people liking your tweet because…
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