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@imnaturallyblue @fayekinley There's no harm that comes from this interaction. I am likening his interest in cathol…
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@AndyRichter Dude, likening the presidential election to a choice that only affects you is part of the reason we're here in the first place
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@ricardofodol I’m astounded at the way people have reacted, even likening me to Farage 😂 Jesus Christ all I was say…
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@ashley_jp_83 My problem too - played with glasses broke them too often for my parents likening, played without the…
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RT @gary_weiss: Seattle's KNKX axes weatherman for correctly likening Antifa thugs to brownshirts. While his wording wasn't ideal,…
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😂I AM THE MODEL OF A MODERN POLICE FORCE Thx @Ronthebuddah likening the ABF to escaped Gilbert & Sullivan stage per…
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@stanisabadtguy @Mskiim_ @shelleofficial Stop likening women to objects or football clubs. No means No and it's non…
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not russell br*nd likening WAP to margaret thatcher i hate it here
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@ACLU What about saying you must wear a mask and "it is not a out your rights". Y'all cool with that or nah because…
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I will never stop likening Chuoku division to The Favourite (2018)
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I really wanna start likening fish man... I think imma start off with some fish sticks 😂😂
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@Perceptivity17 @FNBRHQ It's also a famous book by George Orwell, written when 1984 was in the future and it predic…
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@davidicke You are likening our amazing police officers to people like Eichmann, a key player in the Wannsee Confer…
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@VABVOX My Twitter presence is dedicated to trolling a mansplainer. His favorite activity is calling sexual assaul…
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Normalize not likening men to women as a way of insulting them! There’s absolutely nothing insulting about being a woman! We birthed you!
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People keep likening me to a potato. Thanks.
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@luyolotshongwe2 Likening pussy to a motor vehicle >>>
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@billiesmyfuture will be unlikeing and likening all your tweets from now
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@FlightReactsis @DreamWasTaken 1. Imagine likening your own tweet in 2020 2. Do I look like I care how many followe…
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RT @adedapoX: @Oli_Ekun Further, the prodigious Rema in Woman (2020) is leading the anti-discrimination calvary by fighting struc…
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