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RT @tlccourville: If I may, I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of this. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
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RT @beautybay: 🚨 LAST CHANCE TO ENTER 🚨💆‍♀️💫⚡✨ Wanna win all of these BOUJEE wellness products worth over £1000? 🤩💎💦 ​All ya gott…
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Siri knows what I like. Lol
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RT @HeidiInTune: Thank goodness in America that Hillary went down like a lead brick!!! Otherwise, this is what we all would be facin…
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RT @tweetdocv: This photo compares China’s PPE v to that in the NHS. This is the only time I was able to wear a FFP3 respirator, n…
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RT @PettyClegg: my boss turned herself into a potato on our Microsoft teams meeting and can’t figure out how to turn the setting of…
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RT @teaffeine: p2/? bowling keet. will he get a strike? find out next page. shiro's no #1 & he has his robot arm but it's not like…
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RT @guwop: Girls are like sorry for ruining your perception of love can we be friends again
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@Coblin_Toota I love how ALL her fantasies are like this. She truly is a cinnamon roll deep down.
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cause i can ... you keep replying , its like you trynna eat my cat . but you suck dick💀
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This is like umbrella from Kingsman nice!
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@YadiraAguilar91 Fr thooo it be like $459.68 and they be like okay.... like what
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NIGERIAN SENATORS DONATED HALF SALARY ...and you are clapping. Someone donated N50m and you are angry that it's n…
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@IncomeSharks @NA4G4 how many of those impacted world economy powerhouses like Europe and the US ? China wasn't so…
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@volshebnittsa Have you checked Etsy? Some artists make keychains or cute merch of villagers and put the nfc chip i…
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RT @jernniferrrrr: The amount of time people spend just to dig up information on who’s infected and when they find out who they discri…
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RT @bellabeeb: Why they can do that? Sebab everyone got tested. Cluster yang effected dah diasingkan. So the rest can live their l…
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Ppl are fickle One day they hate the government The next, they are believing everything Uncle Sam’s minons say a…
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RT @jjonqins: #SUHO said the members were quite embarrassed when they saw his song title, ‘Lets love’, bcuz it was EXO’s slogan a…
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IDGAF if you don't like me but don't go recruiting mfs not to like me 💀
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