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RT @hourlyjmn: does jimin have any idea how beautiful he is... like does he know he's a literal vision.....
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RT @firejisookim: Gcash!!! Prize 1,000 pesos! All you have to is: -Follow me -Like -RT & comment your numbers down Within 2 day…
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RT @jackmjenkins: I’m always curious to know how moderate or swing voters respond to efforts like this.
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RT @Jillbiden46: Retweet if you have already voted for @JoeBiden. Like if you are voting for Joe Biden.
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RT @d4nparker: small things like this leads to jail time, but murderers, rapists and sex predators all get warnings lol
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RT @LiveLawIndia: 'We Would Like Media Not To Cross Boundaries': Bombay High Court Mulls Guidelines For Reporting On Investigation
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Let's settle this for once. Like for Rashford. Retweet for Partey. #EuropaIkoStarTimes
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Me: I don’t need a man ever A man who is nice and funny: hey I like you Me trying to be the independent sc8tr girl…
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@Jay_LUHG You're so weird like
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RT @SafaiDarya: This tweet from Mahathir Mohamad, the former Malaysian Prime Minister for 25 years, is really worrying. It looks…
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RT @hotteok_pwr: 💫 - Worldwide BTS Giveaway -💫 💜 Imperfect BTS Photocards (slight flaws!) To enter: - follow, retweet, and like -…
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RT @zev_dr: With profound gratitude to G-d, and my colleagues-I would like to share the link to our new paper/study- please rea…
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RT @Naija_PR: This is why Desmond Elliot is being dragged like a faulty gen
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RT @Official_Heena: People of the Muslim religion say that Hazrat Mohammad ordered the eating of meat, whereas there is nothing like th…
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RT @Biisi96: He wants to do things like this and doesn’t want anyone to talk about it. As long as we have a voice, we will dem…
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@Nmartin55 @eBay @Nmartin55 if you’d like us to add them to our list just let us know. All we need is for you to sh…
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RT @mrjamesob: You don't have to like it - or him or Labour - but this is what leadership looks like.
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RT @haloangel212: In case anyone asks, I’m muting some hashtags until this whole thing blows over....which probably would last for mo…
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RT @WestHamEsports: ⚒️ Your chance to win a signed @Benrahma2 shirt! 1. Follow @WestHamEsports 2. Retweet this post 3. Like this post…
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