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RT @KidCudi: Its taken me 37 years to say it but...I love my life
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just a day out without having to worry or talk about being a mom, life, responsibilities. 😂
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RT @HoneycuttArt: It’s time for autumn in California, woot woot! Got my uggs, my yoga pants, and a pumpkin spice latte. PSLs are a…
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RT @tnxbk: the older i get the more i realize that age really does matter… yes exceptions do exist but a 4 year difference in…
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RT @thesoulnurturer: Aries | Leo | Capricorn | Taurus | Cancer | Scorpio 🚪 You are now going through a huge transformation in your Life…
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RT @niveditanayak16: @rahulvaidya23 You are like a ray of sunshine that gives life 2 your loved ones and fans cum family a warmer touch-…
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@nivek_yar Indeed. Otherwise you need nested if-thens which you can NOT live a life by. You can't.
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RT @TripleH: I’ve been blown away by the outreach and support from so many people. I’m recovering, doing well, & deeply grateful…
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So I cough my life out without my “medicine”.. okay thanks bye 🙂👍🏻
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RT @ihsIove: louis tomlinson is the most radiant, talented, unique, perfect person that can exist in life, his fandom is really…
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RT @shaTIRED: “Why is she going to the media and not the police?” If your life is threatened by someone with access to millions…
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RT @meonbread: จองอูกรี๊ดในnct life อะ เธรด
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But modern rap is kind of corporate in its outlook, the gangsta life of making Gs or w/e
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There are two sides to every coin. Love and hate. Life and death. They are all the same.
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RT @Margare63660793: @rexglacer Released on bail? How this possible? Even a million deposited isn’t enough for this life. Even more than…
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RT @STFUDIARA: one bad relationship can change the trajectory of your life. i really need women to understand this & move on
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RT @SharonLMartin1: In solidarity and sisterhood #SaySabinasName 🪔 another life lost to violence against women.
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@Life_is_Xbox Allez ik probeer geen rellen te ontketenen, maar het zou wel heel makkelijk zijn om in het Engels te…
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RT @90sWWE: 4 Life 🤘🏻
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RT @armyspoke_news: 🏡RTA renovates people's houses, creates happiness, and continually takes care of their qua…
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