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@chaosinkirkwall Any Tiktok that can harness the chaotic energies of Hawke and Carver’s relationship will give me l…
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RT @Hoodville_: She said she likes magic tricks so I disappeared out of her life
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【悲報】中田『乃木坂46 真夏の全国ツアー2021』に遺憾の意 #乃木坂 #乃木坂46 #全国ツアー
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RT @AmericanFietser: True freedom of mobility is gained only through safe streets and a properly designed, well connected, transportatio…
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ready for my life to level up in so many ways!!
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RT @Shawrry22: Me thinking about my life when the phone is charging 😂😂
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I literally can't remember the last 3 years of my life
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RT @jiemiardian: It’s okay if you’re lost. We’re all a little lost and it’s alright…. You can't wait until your life isn't hard any…
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RT @dharford79: I’ve done CPR many times. I’ve also done it on my own son - it’s awful. It’s not nice to have to do it but it doe…
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RT @anybodyclarex: CPR It takes 5 minutes to learn and could save a life.
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RT @Birendr62932443: Som1 4rm great souls said: WITHOUT TEACHER, LIFE WOULD HAVE NO CLASS. BUT thanks 2 our "jhanse ki sarkar" ther…
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RT @nidhiearth26: @CMODelhi @ArvindKejriwal DSSSB PGT Exam shifted from 8 to 25 June Is the Pandemic over? Candidates not vaccinate…
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RT @warghetti: A thread on “leaving”: Those who retort “just leave” about Lebanon perhaps don’t know or remember that leaving hom…
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RT @btsyoutubedata: .@BTS_twt 'Life Goes On' MV : in the forest has surpassed 60M views on YouTube
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RT @SJ_8040: Following the disturbing scenes from today's Euro match, here's a guide to learning CPR. You could literally save s…
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RT @His_SmokingGun: I don’t have a monetary goal... I have a lifestyle goal. I don’t have a desire to be a millionaire... I have a desi…
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RT @sambitswaraj: Wishing Union Minister Shri @PiyushGoyal ji on His Birthday. May Mahaprabhu Jagannath grant Him a long and healthy…
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Weed has legitimately become a part of my every day life and I am honestly fine with that
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RT @haematiclove: the sexual tension between me and the idea of running away to start a new life
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RT @mygbebe: Some of us met BTS through our toughest & lowest times, some met them while we're in need of solace and consolation…
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