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Better as friends— especially with how Stephen and Emily are in real life, their dynamic and chemistry would transl…
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@RealJCoop All true southern women know how to cook so get you one of them and you’ll be fed right for life
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RT @liluzithug: ion wanna do this life shit no more
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RT @Klassiquuee: This man lived 66 years of his life being colorblind and he'll be seeing colors for the first time courtesy of birt…
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كل ما العمر يعدي بيك هتكتشف ان ال life goals الحقيقية هى الستر وراحة البال والخروج من الدنيا بسلام .. وان ربنا يغني…
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@JohnnyVines6 I was hiding on a closet, and after a while I didn't came down when she was home... She actually had…
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@daddydub12 I would, but you’re not getting on my nerves. You’re just a little loser with no life.
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@SReptilegames I just don’t go out anywhere tbh, Social life / life as inconsistent for me
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@LearkeOffic @nojumper Amen brother. Chapel In prison saved my hopless drug addicted life. I really hope people can…
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RT @BMcAdory9: In the conservative movement in America, it’s delightfully nice to see that @conservmillen destroyed every argument…
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Gus ass is grass
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My life is really a movie rn...
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FKA Twigs at the Riviera review: She brought her "Magdalene" show to life at the Riv with music, dance, beauty and…
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RT @IntThings: The life Infront of you is way more important than the life behind you
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RT @EliseStefanik: And for you @gtconway3d - the one thing I’ve NEVER been called in my life is TRASH. You need serious help. My opp…
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RT @TODUrbanWORKS: “The irony is you have to drive to the sports field or the gym to pretend to walk on an artificial machine. Whereas…
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RT @SRuhle: WOMEN face sexism & discrimination every day & we keep pressing forward. What @EliseStefanik did in knowingly viol…
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Life is good
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RT @PreachGold: Lord please give me the strength to remain this unbothered about every negative spirit or situation that may enter…
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