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@skreech_mufc I said he can play there with defensive-Fred, with license to go forward (how Pogba used to play).Sam…
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RT @JRubinBlogger: @sambrodey @jdawsey1 Ky medical board should consider revoking his license. He is menacing public health
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A Black man who sought to become a lawyer in Dallas in 1882 after reading the law has been granted bar admission po…
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RT @LittleMissLizz: Screw this administration & now I will absolutely be getting my license just so I can shuttle women across this tra…
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@theotherdrsmith Check out @affinitybyserif, at least as good or better, generally compatible, for a one-off licens…
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Can't see the pain , Diseases also can cause Excruciating Pain ! Anyone Say's Otherwise Is A Fool And Shouldn't Ha…
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My track 'Freaktopia' appears in episodes of American Pickers. You can license it for your project here:…
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Just checked my hours and I’m half way through my esthetics license 😭🙏🏿
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@SweetPeaFree @sj_ca1867 @dodle @CharlieAngusNDP well to bad you didn't get your pathetic fishing license I applau…
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@IngalovesCC @johnpavlovitz @marcorubio You're taking the country back, from people like me? My family has been he…
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@TheLeadCNN @jaketapper We need a National mandate AND enforcement. Idea:instead of fining the mask-less ,have poli…
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@Joelabrodsky @BoozyBeggarChi @chicagobars @capitolfax Was the villa before or after getting your license suspended?
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RT @ProfessorAMuse: Rand Paul’s medical license should be revoked, followed by his Senate seat. Stop giving these killers power.
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RT @Craig_A_Spencer: This is a great thread on the truth behind COVID and hospital reimbursements by @ashishkjha. As he points out here…
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Need to motorcycle license real fast
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RT @TehJamJar: For those concerned with recent DMCA troubles: There are some decent places to purchase a license to stream and us…
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@StarGarde1 @FF_XIV_EN You definitely are never gonna get pulled over with a license plate like that
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@JennyENicholson One time when I was driving in the middle of bumfuck nowhere (Midwestern US) I saw an orange lambo…
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@CharlesPPierce Kentucky’s licensing authority for physicians was either on the take of asleep at the wheel when it issued him a license.
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Wait didn’t Trump buy drivers license information??
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