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RT @ChooselifePj: 福山哲郎「政治は誰がやっても同じではない。政治はやる人間がやれば必ず代わる。LGBT平等法、選択的夫婦別姓、原発のない社会を。みんなで実現をしていきたい。みんなを経済的に応援する新たな分配を行っていきたい。」…
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something very lgbt is happening here
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@ZaidJilani It's not "comedy" to stand up in front of a crowd and encite them into a homophobic frenzy about LGBT p…
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@kota_LGBT さくまちゃん、ありがとう😭✨ ほんと色々キュッてなって昨日は大人の晩ごはん作るのをサボってしまった...そしたら旦那が心配していつもより家事を積極的にやるわ一人の時間をくれるわ、手を抜く効果すごいなと実感😂 この勢いで頑張りすぎずに頑張るよー👊✨
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RT @bbimbi: 1- CENSURA: Una jueza de de Castellón, a pedido de una asociación “cristiana” de extrema derecha vinculada a VOX, o…
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RT @LatveriasDoom: Pues ya es raro que todos los férreos defensores de la libertad de expresión estén tan calladitos con lo de la cens…
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RT @Bart_Wielinski: Ja żądam, by #Kaczyński przeprosił za: - "komunistów i złodziei" - "element animalny" - "współpracowników Gestapo"…
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RT @DoRzeczy_pl: Znana celebrytka szokuje: #LGBT to sekta! Zostawcie nasze dzieci, dranie!
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@LilMezX Christiany rejects lgbt Muslims rejects lgbt 2 of the biggest religions in the world you're on something
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RT @WohYeahWohYeah: Transphobes are specifically targeting Autistic children to fill them heads with anti LGBT crap.
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RT @cuquemar: Soy conservador, euroesceptico, antiabortista, anti chiringuitos lgbt, y muy a la derecha en temas sociales y me si…
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RT @KobbyKyei_: LGBT+ Rights in Ghana 🇬🇭! This is what musician shatta wale had to say on @gyaigyimii #KalyjaySpace…
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@aoirann @sjaybee2 @BBCNews Is there are single LGBT person who don't insist follows your bigoted ideology
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RT @lavieenjaune_: @crystarcry tem distribuição de felicidade gratuita pra mim isso é demais SIM já é mais que suficiente pra eu panf…
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RT @EternalsTalkss: I’m extremely excited to see two black characters in the #Eternals  #Makkari  being the first deaf character in t…
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LGBT"G" I ? Is that the China version of queer or whoot 😂
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Hoje depois de um casamento eu vou em uma festa LGBT que tem gay no nome. Me desejem sorte
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RT @magosaki_ukeru: 普通の男性にとって「LGBT」や「夫婦別姓」の優先順位が低いのは当然です。自分と無関係。ですが私達はどのような社会を作ろうとするのか、それは弱者への温かい社会でしょう。それをすることで通常の人の立場が悪くなる訳でない。だったら彼ら…
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@solllOnly @bpthaber Hdp Türkçe sayfasında kadın hakları, LGBT gibi şeyleri paylaşırken Kürtçe haberlerinde ise şey…
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