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@tmn_04_ Age doesn't determine potential experience does. He's been working at this at the NBA level for 4 years ha…
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RT @mixeloftheday: the mixel of the day is burnard! he is wanted on an international level for the infernite equivalent of arson!
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RT @TrueLegendFilms: I made the film on fake news and even I, dear reader, am surprised - nay, shocked - at the Soviet level of relentl…
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RT @bintangsatriiaa: nyibukin diri buat lupain sesuatu is another level of pain
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RT @DanPriceSeattle: I keep hearing from people who say they've sent out 50 applications and can't even get an interview. Maybe compani…
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RT @TheKudosAwards: Est. 2015 “Science Spinners” is our youth program to raise the level of science literacy, boost academic aspiration…
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RT @Rojosgardening: Mt. Aso in southwest Japan erupts, no injuries reported #volcano #Japan @aHEMandias
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Warzone really making me level up to level 31 just so i can unlock the gun that comes with Scream cba
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RT @ZubyMusic: The level of opportunity in the USA is ridiculous. Objectively. And most Americans take it for granted because the…
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RT @H_Kovalainen: We’re supposed to be racing next to Mt. Aso this weekend at Autopolis race circuit, let’s see how it works out……
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RT @ZubyMusic: The level of opportunity in the USA is ridiculous. Objectively. And most Americans take it for granted because the…
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RT @FFootball2019: Don’t forget our big mattress sale this Sunday! Mattresses, quality sheets, pillows and more! Doors open from 10-…
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@ToddFarrellJr @ryanfromohio @jayacoop I'm glad I don't have an Apple watch because I am at peak level anxiety over…
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RT @Pastor__West: Dear Lord, Today, I pray for new territory, and a new level in life. Replace sadness with happiness. Turn struggle…
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@fisherofmeh Seeing someone bigger take someone else's stuff at an otherwise civil protest infuriates me on an instinctual level.
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RT @GregAbbott_TX: Covid hospitalizations are now at the lowest level since July 25th. The 7-day Covid positivity rate is below 7% (6…
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Sudah Turun Level, Pemkot Segera Buka Fasum untuk Warga
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@morrisdusk Marbury wasn’t catching alleys like this tho lol he had a few rim grazers but this next level. Marbury…
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