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@anilbhalla88 @ShashiTharoor Hinduism's main social design flaw is the absence of congregationary prayer --- H have…
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RT @jeffphilips1: It is very very FOOLISH to allege that govt engineered a prison break in order to delegitimize the protests...just…
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I mean english fans are also $$$worth it on more than a personal level based on the limited vtuber earnings I saw w…
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RT @DappRadar: Breaking down September’s activity on a per #blockchain level, the main mover – as in August – was @ThunderProtocol
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RT @detikcom: Harga emas Antam tercatat stagnan sejak Sabtu (17/10) lalu, yakni di level Rp 1.008.000 per gram. Mau jual emas? Se…
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RT @sapasyerah: Tahan rindu tak chat tak call is another level of sadness
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RT @Brendelbored: A good thing to remember is whenever conservatives complain about kids being indoctrinated in schools what they’re…
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RT @rori_gd: You stole the level with no credit to crazen whatsoever. I condemn crazen and understand what he did was disgusting…
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my mom played be nice 2 me while i was in the womb please get on my level!!
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RT @TheBabylonBee: Sea Level Rises Hundreds Of Feet Due To Sweat From Celebrities Waiting To Be Outed As Perverts
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Now playing Breanna Station I.D. by Kings Level 3!
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To carry out a social mission at scale, brands must operate on a level higher than simply focusing on consumer beha…
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RT @btspiics1: @BigHitEnt All black hair bangtan? And without schedule you just dropped the concept photo omg! Another level 💜💜👏
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@aestheticxbt @cmmmmpp @QTRResearch Do you live in california?? 400k is no where close to lower middle class. If yo…
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RT @MarcusRashford: Time to level up once and for all...
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RT @LFC: .@andrewrobertso5 on departing Goodison Park disappointed by the final result but pleased with the level of the performance 👇
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RT @jiaersays: u can't reach my level of trust issues
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RT @sparkfestivalau: There is a level of risk involved in tech angel investing, it's different from other investing, and requires a diff…
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RT @jnkjisoo: loona's music videos are on another level
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@AlbertBreer When you pay Cooper and Zeke and they check out what do you expect. Also going from best O line in fo…
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