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RT @archer_rs: I took a deep breath and walked into my wife's studio to let her know the news. She was working on an oil of a loc…
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RT @AriBerman: 147 mass shootings in US already this year: let's make it easier to buy guns 2 cases of voter fraud in 2020: let's make it harder to vote
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RT @Whee_GlobalWind: [📈] #WHEEIN, MAMAMOO and Let's Break Up (Goodbye) are currently trending #4, #5, and #8 respectively on MelOn Realt…
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RT @desix_O825: You make Me Because it’s you, I’m not shaken So please don’t let me go (Because) You being here It’s the last ray…
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RT @sevendless: Someone commented about GOT7 getting a friendship tattoo but Mark said not all of them wanted to (have a tattoo in…
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RT @DoctorJonPaul: I mean, let's really talk about it tho.
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RT @ZenjiSimon: Soon on ntv "I'm raymond mujuni and I'm rita kanya,let's take a SHORT BREAK and we'll be right back" Ugandans:
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@DarkPhox @DaxterDingo DarkPhox, let’s be real. You’re going to call out sick.
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RT @ahiddentester: Let's reward our active followers. 🎁 3x Hidden Testers memberships available. Rules: - Follow @ahiddentester
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RT @abe_ni32: Let’s than an hour left for unveiling and I cant show how excited I am I’m so hyper guys #ShoesByFloraIsHere S…
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RT @mermainedoza: WALANG MATUTULOG SA PAMILYANG 'TO!!!! 12AM PA LANG, MAGTWEET NA 😂 Mainers, ihanda ang mga bala. 💥 Let's fill our "…
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Because there's no Vincenzo tomorrow. Let me rewatch HP for the 3rd time, a lot has been happening and I need to watch my comfort drama.
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RT @julibriskman: Let’s not forget all of the insurrectionists who walked away from the Capitol building and cruised home in their ca…
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Thankful this appointment went somewhat successful, let’s hope this treatment works
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RT @BarbHuber9: @RpsAgainstTrump Let's see. In no particular order he: -is loud, rude and obnoxious -enabled a sexual predator -doe…
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RT @SsaNengi: @Hop3Andr3 Hope Ninjas click on any and all of our trending tags, then retweet tweets from “latest” tab too, not ju…
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RT @WE_THE_BOYZ: (영훈) let's go Thailand let's have fun!!
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RT @moncesquack: Also when talking about #AdamToledo please do not let him only be known for this tragedy. He was a young kid with a…
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RT @sapphireofcas: Let's go!! #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleArt #criticalrolefanart #illustration
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RT @jack9310: I am feeling proud for our fandom. We are united as ONE regardless of nationalities and languages. Let's make the…
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