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RT @Ronke_z: Let’s talk about Celeste. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Celeste?? Discuss👇🏽#MercyMercyMovie #MercyMercyByErica
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RT @funder: Miles Taylor is Anonymous. Since I have your attention, let me remind you about something that’s actually important…
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RT @Jameca2011: Gotta learn to relax and let things be . What’s for you will be for you .
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RT @CFCMod_: Werner needs to be taking these penalties that he wins, he’s a striker and confidence goes hand in hand for perform…
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RT @DrAlGrossAK: As the first Executive Director of the United Fishermen of Alaska and the founder of the Alaska League of Women Vot…
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RT @DebraMessing: Everyone go donate to Kevin McCarthy’s challenger @KimMangone RIGHT NOW before it’s too late. Let’s make sure sh…
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@jungjaheyunoh haee kanabilll, let's be close yhaa
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RT @ChrisDJackson: 🚨 In @CNN's final poll of the election cycle, @JoeBiden leads Trump 54% to 42%. Let's go!
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@PotassiumEdge @tito_mboweni 😂 Let's assume your tweets mattered for a second , how would that be possible? Firing…
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RT @hourlybts2: If @BorahaeFunds‘ Dynamite Pool reaches $2.5K, some Army will match it! Current balance: $1.96K. Please donate if y…
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Time for Mindfulness colouring let's all look after each other for all my friends and colleagues in the NHS #care
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@SamJulius1 Instinctively I think he wants to do what’s best for the country. Of course let’s not pretend that such…
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RT @kirstiealley: I’ve been a Florida resident for 3 1/2 years & owned a property almost 20. Still hard to get over the humidity & my…
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RT @mchooyah: let's do a poll today. Who's got your vote?
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RT @RWPUSA: So @jaredkushner is using WhatsApp and other messaging for official government business. OK Jared, let's have a loo…
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RT @GeorgeTakei: In #6Days we will reject Donald's outright and egregious corruption. Let's make sure it is an unambiguous rebuke.
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Let’s not underestimate the play of Will Harris. If he doesn’t engage to make that “tackle” Gurley falls. But TG as…
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RT @_moimichelle: Let’s stop being too comfortable flaking on plans, on people, and promises. Things happen yes, but show accountabil…
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@PalmerReport @DaveBautista Unless it's his wife, or one of his kids this is going to be a yawner at this point...…
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