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@hopelesslystoic @misandrogynist I don't know him and he is not my friend. I would architect his misery to squeeze…
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RT @manuukenya: Nick ndeda is chewing that lemonade. Let him enjoy. Who am I to judge. I mean that thing has no Last seen 😂. Betty kyallo deserves it.
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@Aryan1600_ call me a child then + i've had lemonade too many times i feel
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Hi. My name is Snapple. My background consists of watermelon and lemonade. The more you open this door and the more…
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RT @Salvesayson: I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade... And try to find somebody whose life has given…
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@Aryan1600_ look if i got lemonade and apple juice in my fridge 9/10 times im choosing apple that shit just tastes…
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Baked Pasta with cappsicum and cheese + Lemonade I need one more dish suggess me plx
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RT @blndsndol4janet: @JuliaBerkowitz1 Formation is a song by Beyoncé from her 2016 album Lemonade. It closes out the album. But yeah whi…
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@FoxtrotFallout A glass of lemonade and grape juice combined, and yes I'm having that rn hlol
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I was thinking about my mum today. So I'm having a Rosso Antico and lemonade 👍
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Going for get a drink of Lemonade…’s the only Lemonade I know
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リプ欄開放中です🤗 スト担vote垢のみなさま、ご自由にどうぞ💪💪 --- SixTONES / NEW ERA / NAVIGATOR / Imitation Rain / Telephone / NEW WORLD / 光る…
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RT @redditdota2: I guess @OGDota2 broke the rule... - /u/dalipunk322 #dota2
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@CruiseAlison @kathirrk303 LP1 isn’t Pop even though it’s one of my favorite albums ever, but I’ll probably put Ade…
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@rupalegit ㅤ Lose - Niki La La Lost You - Niki Arcade - Duncan Laurence Right Here - Keshi Cheating on You - Charl…
105 followers     ㅤ Anak tunggal kelahiran warsa 1997. Tercatat dalam kartu penduduk Cikarang tanpa pandemi, Aditya Utama. Awas! konten Eksplisit. PA: @rupalegit. ㅤ     Reply Retweet Favorite
RT @v65ify: So I get excited for #Saturday mornings as over on @OrangeHatRadio1 at 10.30am I get to hear the "This Is Lemonade"…
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So I get excited for #Saturday mornings as over on @OrangeHatRadio1 at 10.30am I get to hear the "This Is Lemonade"…
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@lemonade_sip Go full naked and run arround the house with a knife on your hand. If that's not spontaneous I don't what is.
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@SocialistVoice We rented a top loader vhs in very early 80’s N I apparently poured lemonade in it
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