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@legacy_1993 @staypunk0217 ミッドナイト今日でですか
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RT @hotpress: With @thespecials having just dropped the urgent and timely 'Protest Songs 1924 – 2012', bassist @horacepanterart t…
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It saddens me immensely that after i die 652evan will be what's left of my legacy.
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RT @narendramodi_in: Swachhata and governance reforms will shape PM @narendramodi's legacy, writes Union Minister @HardeepSPuri
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RT @srivatsayb: PETROL Price in Indian ₹ 🇦🇫 Afghanistan: 51 🇵🇰 Pakistan: 56 🇱🇰 SL: 69 🇧🇩 Bangladesh: 78 🇳🇵 Nepal: 81 🇮🇳 India: 106…
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RT @MrsGandhi: Exploitation of women is the deep-rooted culture of Congress party. Knee-jerk reactions in the form of election pro…
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RT @PressTV: Seven years on, Press TV journalist Serena Shim's legacy lives on
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#وماارسلنك_الارحمة_للعالمين اس لیے کہ اس دنیائے فانی میں ایک پسندیدہ کامل زندگی گذارنے کے لیے اللہ…
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RT @NsenDaveK: Past legends and present legends the winning legacy of Chelsea lives on Chelsea fams show love💙😊 Chelsea|Tuchel|Ars…
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AC Condenser Fits 15-19 LEGACY 1891759 eBay
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I’m here to help you be more intentional in your decision making so that you can build a legacy bigger than yoursel…
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RT @wunpini_fm: "The Ghanaians that linked their freedom to the liberation of Africa — and of all Africans — did not sacrifice them…
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RT @ForsArt: Legacy Technology⚙️ When Pablo Picasso was asked what he thought about computers, he said, "They are of no use. All…
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RT @BBCSanaSafi: The Powell Doctrine Lives On Colin Powell’s legacy of restraint gained new relevance after #Afghanistan and Iraq.
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This is symbolic and to show a message. Legacy system will fall while the crypto apes ape and watch the beautifu…
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RT @ProfSunnySingh: ‘Online abuse’ is a figleaf deployed by those who not only aid & abet it against the most vulnerable by their behav…
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RT @VennyVedivici: @JoyAnnReid People seeking to trash his legacy leave out how he took the fall for being misinformed by American intelligence.
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